If you don’t know about Carly at Fine, Fit, Day then I have a treat for you. I met Carly out here in the blog-o-sphere, but when we spent a sweaty day together in NYC at A Healthy U Conference, we really solidified our friendship. It’s funny how sweat has made me so many friends.


Each Friday, Carly highlights a fabulous and fit mama on her site because hey – – it’s really hard to be both of those things. Am I right? When she asked me to participate, I jumped at the chance. Carly asked me all about my competition in Spain this past June, but she also got to the bottom of some very important topics, including:

– The downside of being a fit mama (yes, there definitely are some!)

– The best schwag I ever won

– Exactly how many times I wanted to cry during my training

JOIN ME AT FINE, FIT DAY TODAY and, if you know a mama who is spotlight-worthy, let Carly know! She’s always looking for great stories that inspire us all.

WAIT…before you leave me, the winner from last week’s post about Chia Bars from the Health Warriors, and one of the most popular and controversial books about running – Born To Run is…MELISSA B.  

Happy Friday and I hope it’s a FIT ONE!