Oh Meghan, it’s not all about that bass, it’s all about that tweet! At least it was at Fitness Magazine’s Meet & Tweet event held at the ‘I’m so fancy’ Mercedes Club in Manhattan. What? Did I already exceed 140 characters? Dammit!


Now, you really didn’t expect me to write an entire blog post recapping an event as amazing as this in just 140 characters, did you? I mean, look at the amount of swag alone:


Instead, I will take each little bit of awesomeness that was this event, and break it into manageable, bite-sized tweets. Here goes…

Tweet #1: THE PEOPLE!

Holllaaa from #fitblogNYC! Meet and tweet some of my favorite bloggers!

MeetandTweetPeepsTweet #2 – #4: THE EXPERTS!

Who: Holly Rilinger: Retired basketball star, Nike trainer/instructor, all around awesome, strong, fierce woman!

What: The New Formula for Fitness Success!

Tweet: Getting motivated  “If you only have 7 min to workout, use that time to figure out how you can make more time to workout!”

Amen sister.

She's just as fun and fierce as she looks!

She’s just as fun and fierce as she looks!

Who: Dr. Marci A. Goolsby

What: How to Stay Healthy in a Hard-Core World!

Tweet: @hspecialsurgery Dr. Goolsby says “Most common mistakes: nutrition adjustments, too much too soon, not cross-training!”

It’s pretty easy to avoid her top three. How many times do you have to hear it before you do it? You do not want to end up in a sport orthopedics’ office before a race, no matter how nice the doc is.


I had never heard of this next guest before, but she was so engaging, hilarious and had a reach-out-and-grab-you personality. Apparently she’s also a pretty big deal on Top Chef and The Chew. Who knew? Everyone but me.

Who: Carla Hall

What: Eat Healthier, Live Happier: Game-Changing Cooking Secrets

Tweet: @CarlaHall feels “socially responsible to offer healthy food” at her restaurant. Yes! We need more of that! #eatwell


Tweet #5: THE SWAG!

Oh.my.God Becky, look at the size of that swag bag!

I'm supposed to get this to the train, on the train and off the train with my luggage? #bloggerproblems

I’m supposed to get this to the train, on the train and off the train with my luggage? #bloggerproblems


As I was dumping everything out onto my kitchen table, and oohhh-ing and awe-ing over some of the goodies inside, the doorbell rang. I’ve been interviewing sitters for my two-headed monsters, and my latest victim was at the door. She stepped inside, took one look at my table of awesomeness and, her new goal in life is to become a health and fitness blogger. You’re hired!


Basically anything from Erica Sara. She’s amazingly talented and knows the meaning of motivation!IMG_4961





I was seriously so excited to discover this in the bag! I love all things Smith’s and I’ve used their products since college, when I would slater this balm over my hands before inserting them into my gloves for a day of snowboarding in Vermont. Now I use it to cut down on chafing. It’s all good…




My son Mies and I have been known to devour an entire bag of this together in one sitting. We even may fight over it. #noboundries



I like to spend my time at the gym working out and not showering. Plus, there’s a time limit on keeping the kids in the daycare. I mean, really. So, when there’s no time to clean properly after I sweat like a beast, I use these awesome wipes to freshen up. I’m not going to be seeing anyone over the age of six for hours anyway so…




And, last but not least, one of the very generous sponsors of the day was HOKA ONE ONE. They gave a pair of running shoes to every blogger there! Now, if you don’t know HOKA’s (and this is a bad picture, sorry!) they have a rather large sole. They are basically the polar opposite of minimalist shoes. In fact, a dear friend of mine runs in these and we may or may not have made fun of her when she first got them because they look a tad absurd. I may be eating my words when I try them out on a run…




Lastly, I wouldn’t want to leave you without being able to have a tweet of your own, so have at it:

[Tweet “@FitnessMagazine knows how to throw a #blogger party! Learning, laughing, tweeting! #FitblogNYC”]


What are some of the best “free” things you ever received? 

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