As an avid reader, I feel like I will never get caught up on all the articles, stories and books I want to read. Even during vacation, when there seemed to be ample time to get lost in the New York Times (ok, fine the Post as well), blogs, magazines and books, the stories just keep on coming.

five article friday

I wish I had an assistant to weed out all the best stories of the week and compile them on my laptop in the most efficient and organized fashion. However, since that is probably the absolute last thing I would pay someone to do I will continue to do it myself and, of course, share it with you.

Best Reads Of The Week

Making A Murderer

Although this is a documentary, so much has been written about it. Sue of ThisMamaRunsforCupcakes and I may be the only two people on the face of the planet who couldn’t care less about Making A Murderer. At least Seth Meyers seems to be on the same page, as he is making fun of it in the most hilarious way…

You can read the article on Entertainment Weekly or just watch the video. This is supposed to be a post about reading but whatever…



The Importance of Rest

This article, written by a fellow blogger who I do not know but which was passed on to me by a friend who knew I would be interested in the topic, expresses just how important (and how hard!) it can be to give our bodies the rest they need.

The Hardest Workout I’ve Ever Done | The Sweat Life | Kira Stokes



You do not have to exercise everyday or train for marathons to struggle with rest days. Seriously, how many of you out there take the time your body needs to recover from a cold? In fact, as this next article points out, technology has sucked yet another amazing thing from our lives – the “sick in bed” day.

Warning: reading this article will make you want to crawl back into bed and shut off your phone…

Letter of Recommendation: Sick Days | New York Times | Shelia Heti




One of my all time favorite topics, as you know, and I love shedding new light on what some people seem to accept as hard and fast “rules” to eating.

Worst Diet Tips Nutritionists Have Ever Heard | Greatist | Macaela Mackenzie

My favorites include:

  1. When you’re hungry, chew gum or eat celery
  2. Cut out carbs
  3. To lose weight, just eat less and exercise more

Of course, there should be rules, but follow only the ones laid out by this guy:


He makes too much sense. Just stop it Michael!

In case you missed his documentary of the same name of the book, it aired Dec. 30th on PBS and was fantastic. In fact, I never thought my husband would watch it. When I bring up topics like this I usually get the eye roll. But, not only did he watch it alone (I was already asleep) but he recorded it for me. That is true love people.

In Defense of Food: Michael Pollan on Eating Out | Huffington Post | Lawrence Williams

That’s all the time I have to educate you today my friends.

Stop by next week when I’m sure I will have more amazing topics and parodies for you to enjoy.

Happy Friday and rest, train and eat well this weekend!

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Have you read any of these?

Which one(s) are you most likely to and why?

What are your reading recommendations for me?