What is “FlipBelt” and how did such a thing happen? Well, I’m glad you asked and I will be happy to tell you.


Like many other kids across the country, mine started their first day of Kindergarten last week. It was rough on me. From what I can tell, there are two mommy camps on this subject – the moms who think it’s fantastic their kids are going to school, and are emotionless to seeing them get on a bus or walk into a school for the first time. Then there’s my camp. I cried the day of, I was emotional for days and weeks leading up to it and, in general had a hard time with the change, beyond my excitement to have four hours of “alone” time everyday. Which is pretty damn exciting.

And they're off...

And they’re off…

In general, and with most anything you can imagine that has to do with child-rearing, moms are brutal to one another. This transitional adolescent time was no exception. I got a lot of “Are you serious? They will be fine!” No shit. Of course they will be fine! I’m not concerned about their safety! I’m concerned that I have twins, which means they are both making this change at the same time. I also have no other kids (and will not have any more ever, ever, ever) which makes it a little bit harder. One of the boys has been having separation anxiety all summer, and had never had it in the past, so I was concerned about him actually getting on the bus and staying there. I also can’t get this image out of my head:


Yes I dressed them alike all.the.time when they were this age.


So, I did the only logical thing a mom can do when her babies start Kindergarten – I went for a run.

I had to try out my new FlipBelt, it was past noon and about 90 degrees out, so it seemed like a logical choice. I decided to drive to a nearby trail to at least get some shade. Normally, I’m a minimalist runner in everything but my shoes. I take nothing with me on runs shorter then 10 miles. However, on this particular day, I thought it wise to bring my cell phone if, by chance, the school needed to call me.

I usually never run with my cell phone, even on days I know I should. First of all, it’s big. It’s an iPhone and it’s just large and hard as a rock. Second, I sweat like a beast and other times I’ve tried to bring it with me, it has gotten wet, and that can’t be good. But, feeling all responsible, I stuffed it (easily) into my FlipBelt, along with my car keys and some chomps and off into the forest I went…


When I started, my mind was swirling but, as the miles ticked by, I started to feel better about everything. This is what running does for me. It quiets my mind and let’s me see things for what they really are. I also have to say, I felt 100% better running with my phone on me.  I knew that if for any reason, the school would be able to reach me and I was able to take pics on the run! In fact, I should have titled this “FlipBelt Made Me A Better Mom and Blogger!” How’s that for a piece of fabric with pockets that costs $28.99?

Seriously though, the thing I most loved about FlipBelt is that is STAYED PUT! My biggest worry was that it would ride up, and I would be constantly trying to shove it back down into place. There is nothing (short of poison ivy) more annoying then having to keep a belt in place on a run. I’m happy to report this was not the case with FlipBelt. Also, it wasn’t heavy or annoying in any way. It kinda just felt like it was part of my running shorts.

And my phone? Dry as a bone! I seriously could not believe it, since this is how much I sweat on that run:

Did I just take a shower with my clothes on or go for a 6 miler?

Did I just take a shower with my clothes on, or go for a 6 miler?

In the end, there were no phone calls, the boys had a fantastic day and I had a great run with my new toy. Of course, the boys were less then thrilled that this process repeats itself each day. Wait until they have a real concept of time and realize they have about 15 years of this ahead of them!  At least they’ll know they can call their mom anytime – even when I’m on a run!

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What “camp” of moms are you in when it comes to school?

What do you use to store stuff on the run?

Do you run with your phone? Where do you put it?