As if the pressure of racing a 5K isn’t enough, I had the added bonus of running one, for the first time as an official member of Oiselle Team Voleé! I was beyond excited…and very nervous. If you’ve ever raced a 5K then you know it’s three miles of pure hell speed. I run faster then any training I do, my adrenaline is pumping and, if I’m really lucky, it feels as though those three miles stretch on forever. It’s a real hoot.

No pressure...

No pressure…


I was overly excited for this race because I was donning my official Team Oiselle uniform for the first time!

Look at me! I can fly!

Look at me! I can fly!

I was also way excited for a friend of mine to smash her personal best, as she has been training for her first marathon and has been making huge strides in speed and endurance. This race ended up being an opportunity for both of us to see what we’re made of.

It was high stress getting to event because it was in downtown Hartford. Now, if you know anything about Hartford, CT then you know it’s not a real city. It desperately wants to be and I’m sure, a very long time ago, it was…however, those days are over and it’s like a ghost town there pretty much any night of the week. Except of course on race night. There was construction, cars and people everywhere and I was driving like a madwoman to get to the start, meet my friend and pin on my number. Not really the way you want to show up for an important race.

We were able to do a very quick warm-up as we searched for the start line. Yes, that’s right, we had no clue where it was. The finish line was all decked out so we hung out there and, sure enough, it was the start and finish.

Also, prior to the start, I saw my very fast friend. You remember her from the March of Dimes race? Well, I actually felt a little relieved when I saw her because I knew she would win. A little pressure off of me is a very good thing. I also love watching her run. Chasing her down is like chasing an elite. I mean, she runs a 5:00 pace so…

I took off at the start and tried to just follow speedy’s lead. I knew she would pull away soon enough, but I stayed on her for about two minutes. I mean, really.

First mile: 5:54 – um, what the hell am I doing? There should not be a 5 on my watch.

Second mile: 6:05 – that’s more like it but Dear Lord sweet baby Jesus is that a hill?

Final mile: 6:08 – please, please, please let me squeak in under 19 minutes!

Finish time: 19:06 – hooray but damn, damn, damn you 6 seconds!!!!!

As I rounded the turn for the final (uphill!) push to the finish, I could see the clock. It read 18:45. I tried to make it. I so desperately wanted a sub 19 but my legs and lungs just couldn’t get me there in time.

However, 19:06 is a 26 second PR (personal record) for me, and I came in second overall, so I was absolutely thrilled!

Melissa (Miss Speedy) won the race in 18:08 and was also bummed about not getting in under 18! Yes, we are all insane.

My friend Chrissie came in 4th overall with a time of 21:02 (another near miss!) and a PR by more then 30 seconds.

Chrissie and me post race bling!

Chrissie and me post race bling!


It was a great night. And then this happened:


Wine and pizza with chicken broccoli and bacon. Yes, I deserved bacon and it was amazing.

Wine and pizza with chicken, broccoli and bacon. Yes, bacon. And it was amazing.

As some of you know, I keep all my racing bibs and write my times, place, etc. on them. I then hang them in a very prestigious place in my home…the garage.

photo 5-3


Once again running has taken me somewhere I didn’t think I could go. Achieving a PR is such a huge high that I was giddy all night about it.

My boys were just going to sleep when I got home, and surprised them with my trophy. Although they were disappointed I came in 2nd, and Vaughn demanded to know “why!?” They slept with the winged foot on their dresser all night. Now what could be better then that?

I also think it’s highly appropriate that my first race bling for Team Voleé has wings!

Do you run 5Ks? Love them or hate them?

What do your kids say about your racing?