There’s a lot of skin out here in Las Vegas and I wouldn’t want it any other way. I’ve managed to keep all my clothes on so far, so let’s hope that trend continues. It’s just so unbelievably nice to be in the warm sun, put my toes in the pool and to run outside in shorts!





See ya treadmill!

See ya treadmill! I’m going outside!

In honor of being in Vegas, I’m going to make this post a quickie. Here’s everything you need to know to start your Friday:


Oiselle is opening it’s flagship store! Unfortunately for me, it’s in Seattle where they are based, but if I go to Bird Camp in August, you bet your booty I’ll be stopping by. You can read all about it’s awesomeness here.




Why do you race? We all have our reasons and Tina Muir and the runners at RunnersConnect were nice enough to have me write a guest post all about it.


Racing motivation can be boiled down to Food, Fast (as in flat course and BQ) and Fun. Racing is supposed to be fun, right? In case you need a reminder, check out some of the amazing bling, food and fast courses I chose for the article. With medals bigger then your head, Fat Ass 5Ks and flat courses in gorgeous destinations, you’ll want to sign up for at least one by the time you finish reading it. I bet my last PR on it.



Do you ever wonder what racing is like for an elite? How about a back of the packer who is truly enjoying themselves out there? Well have I got a treat for you! Starting next Wednesday I will be having some very distinguished guests here on VITA, each with their own unique perspective when it comes to racing and what it’s like in their pace group.

I’m calling it MY PLACE IN THE PACE and it will answer all your burning questions like:

Does Christine of Love, Life, Surf have a pre-race ritual?

How did racing newbie Nellie of Brooklyn Active Mama collect more bling over this past year then Kara Goucher?

What do elites like Tina Muir of Fuel Your Future with Tina eat for breakfast? (hint: it’s runners like me!)

How does Amanda aka Miss Zippy stay so zippy after years of racing?

You’ll have to come back and find out!

It’s time for my massage with a showgirl so I have to run. Have a fantastic weekend and I’ll see you for The Rundown on Monday!

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What’s your news flash for Friday?

What’s in like in your pace group when you race?

Are you as excited as I am about the Oiselle flagship store? Probably not.