Guess what? We all survived Halloween week and made it to another Friday. Congratulations. Seriously. I don’t know about you but I feel like I deserve a medal for making it to the end of this week with everything I have going on. And yes, “everything I have going on” exists only as stress in a third world country, but this is where I live and deal with them. How do I do it? By writing and reading, naturally.


Shamelessly, several of the must reads on this list are written by me. I’ve been busy and, if I don’t self promote, how will I get hate comments?

Here is what I thought was worthy of your time and eyeball strain this past week:

Bullet Journaling: What the hell is it and why should I care?

Ok, so that is what I would have titled it if I didn’t write it for Women’s Running but, I have to be somewhat professional when I’m not in this space. Adulting is hard.

If you have read, seen and heard all about this phenomenon called “bullet journaling” but are confused AF about what it is and why it’s so popular then this article is a must read.


The Awesomeness of Sheri Piers

Also not the title of the piece I wrote but it sums it up nicely. I already wrote about the wonder that is masters elite runner Sheri Piers in this space but I wanted to share her realness with the world since, there is so little pure honesty these days.

Obviously the sensational tag of the article is how Piers eats candy daily (Skittles, Necco wafers and gummy bears among her favorites) but a hater reader was quick to point out an important fact on Facebook. I referred to her eating habits and elite running status being an “anomaly:”


Dr. Karp then friended me so I forgive him. That and he has a valid point. However, how do we know what Piers may have done if her diet was more inline with what similar athletes of her caliber ate? I guess the point is that it doesn’t matter and not to let other “experts” influence how you eat if your fuel works for you. Obviously candy and orange soda are amazing for Piers. I totally wish cheese and bread would propel me to a 19 minute mile swim.

How Much Suffering Can You Take?

I did not write this one and no, it’s not about parenting.

Randal C. Archibold wrote it for the and here is a hint to the subject matter:

“The sores from chafing are so bad you will think nothing of tugging open your shorts and squirting in ointment in full view of strangers. There is no modesty here; they seem to understand.

Actually, no. They don’t really understand. They are not competing in this race. And nobody not competing in this race understands.”

It’s one of the most equally grueling and fascinating things I have read about sports and athletes. These masochists partake in what equates to seven ironman races – – 703 miles of swimming, biking and running – – over five days.

And, that isn’t even the worst part!

The worst part is that all the legs are done in confined loops (30 laps in a section of the lake, 101 laps of a more-than-five-mile course for the bike and 75 laps of a nearly two-mile course for the run) at Lake Anna State Park, earning the course the moniker “the squirrel cage.”


Shanda Hill being massaged by her father during the third day of the race. Hill took up ultratriathlons after she was hit by a car, ending her BMX racing career. Source:

I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy

I will leave you with a laugh because I feel like we need one after that last article.

Although this is apparently the sixth time Jimmy Kimmel has done this, it was my first time seeing it. I was crying and laughing and then really laughing. It’s cruel but, why have kids if you can’t mess with them once and a while…

Happy Friday everyone! See you on Monday when The Rundown gets VITA ready for Vegas baby!

Read anything good this week?

Did you watch the video? Do you want to do that to your kids next year?