It seems like products have been piling up over here in the past few months! I’ve been getting a lot of things to test and try out so, instead of writing one long post of product pitching, I decided to give ’em all up at once video style!

Once a month (or when I remember to do it) I’ll be reviewing all the gear and fuel I’m training with, cooking with or experimenting on my children with, for your viewing pleasure.

Enjoy the first installment of Gear and GU Review with links to all the products (which I get zero dollars for!) below. And if you really want to show me some love, you can subscribe to my YouTube channel.



18oz Hydro Flask Insulated Coffee, Tea, and Water Bottle ($25.99)

Coffee and tea drinkers rejoice with me! Your drinks will actually stay HOT!


FreeSteps6 – Durable, ultralight traction performance for slippery terrain! ($39.99)

Utilizing high-quality stainless steel chains and spikes, the new FreeSteps6 is a

solid choice to support your active lifestyle.


Feetures socks! The first ones I review in the video (the thicker design) are the

Merino + Light Cushion and the second pair are the Ultra Light which I would recommend for running.

Recovery Grilled Cheese! Can I get an "Amen?"

Recovery Grilled Cheese! Can I get an “Amen?”

The Feed Zone Cookbook ($18.30)

Check out Kayla JONES’ article about it on RunHaven where she calls it “the only cookbook a runner should own!” The recipes are for the runner-on-the-go, not the runner-with-nothing-better-to-do-than-cook-risotto-for-two-hours.


Natural Dynamix Kids Multivitamins and Calcium & Vitamin D Supplements ($3.99 +)

Using advanced scientific discoveries, global botanical wisdom and innovative ingredients,we offer superior nutritional products to support your quest for a vibrant and active life.


Ryte Mojo Pack

A complete product system for morning, noon, and night. Designed to help the areas where we all need a little help, including: energy, weight loss (and weight management), mood, cellular health, relaxation, sleep, and more…all designed to give you your MOJO back.

(a chance to win a 30 day supply coming soon!)

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