If there’s one thing I cannot get enough of, it’s competition. If there’s another, it’s all the gear that goes along with it. If you know anything about Rise.Run.Retreat then you may have heard about the legendary swag bags. They are no joke and our fearless leaders Sarah and Jesica are dialed into specific runner needs, industry trends and fun new things to try.


Since no one would dare call me selfish (except those who know me best) I decided I couldn’t keep all this great swag to myself and so I’m sharing it with you fine people. There are several items up for grabs so you can enter to win one item or all of them.

One word of caution, the Dr. Cool sleeveless shirt is in Allie size, so only sign-up if you fit into a small.

First, let’s review starting with my favorite to least favorite. Or, if you sponsored this event, these items are in no particular order.

LL Bean Bag and T-Shirt

There is something about a perfectly fitting, gray cotton t-shirt and the one we were given from LL Bean was a favorite from the moment I tried it on. I know it has almost nothing to do with fitness and running but I do very much look forward to my post-race or workout shower and slipping into comfy clothes. So there’s that.

I also absolutely loved the signature LL Bean bag but in camouflage and with a zipper. So many uses. So many.


Dr. Cool Gear and Wrap

Second to a great t-shirt for me is an exceptional headband. I loved all the gear from the title sponsor, Dr. Cool, and already had some of their awesome ice wraps and sweat towels (which I highly recommend) but I have been eyeing the headband ever since I saw Sarah sporting it last year.

Sorry for the extreme close up…


Up for grabs today (only in size small!) is a gorgeous, breathable, v-neck, sleeveless women’s cooling tank!




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You know I’m already a fan of InsideTracker but there are a lot of skeptics out there! I wish we recorded the roundtable discussion we had at the retreat where Johnathan Levitt answered all of our questions and concerns. Admittedly, InsideTracker is not for everyone but, if you are struggling in any way with your fitness potential, I urge you to get your blood tracked at least once, just to rule out any glaring issues that may remain undetected by your primary care doc.

As a little incentive, you can enter to win 50% off any test package! 

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Anyone who has done marathon training knows the importance of a proper fitting fuel belt. Unfortunately for me, I went though a few before I found this baby that I absolutely love. It stays put, has plenty of room for fuel and car keys, and of course, enough fluids to get you through even the hottest long miles.

Enter to win the H2O 2 Bottle Belt


And yes, it’s pink and purple so only enter if you’re cool with that…

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The WTFactory

Nope, not that. It stands for “wonderful things factory” and they gifted all of us with a SlimClip Case that holds your phone. And, when I say “your phone” I mean it because mine is freakishly large (iPhone 6Plus) and can only accompany me on a run if someone else is running beside me and holding it.


Obviously I was unable to try this one out but it received rave reviews from the other women who were all able to take amazing pictures like this, while on the run…

Processed with Snapseed.


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Those are all the prizes I have for you but, I want to give a huge shout out to KUHL for all their amazing clothes and jackets. They were a big hit with all the attendees and Angela, Christine and I just knowingly nodded our heads.

Another favorite was Wreck Bags and master trainer Crystal Seaver. I loved the bag (and will order one!) but really loved Crystal. Her training regimen, passion for running and overall exuberant personality just made me want to workout and run for miles with her and then have a cheeseburger and beer afterward. She’s that girl. And, I may or may not be saying too much.

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Good luck!

All winners will be announced one week from today on 10/19/2016.

Other Rise.Run.Retreat sponsors I have mentioned and also love:

Cabot Cheese

Blissful Eats

Stonyfield Yogurt




Garuka Bars

Pete and Gerry;s Organic Eggs

Tiger Tail

Go Moji

Eureka Balm


Darn Tough


What do you want most?

Have you tried any of these products? Thoughts?