Ah, the holidays.

I usually start out with the mindset of not getting stressed, having all my shopping done early and online and not giving into the madness of it all. But, eventually, something (or many things) completely stress me out, I think I have all my shopping done and then remember I need 18 more things the week before Christmas and, become overly sensitive, moody and require more and more alcohol to “relax” at the end of the week.

Ah, the holidays.


This year I’m resigning myself to the fact that not everything will go as planned. I can do my best to purchase the “perfect” gift for those I care about most (my kids) and forget the rest. #HolidaySpirit

In an effort to declutter my brain and clarify my shopping list, I present to you my gift guide of what to give and get by way of what not to give and get.

Feast your eyes:

Hard to Buy For

We all have that person on our list who, when we see their name, think “I cannot believe I have to actually get a gift for this a-hole.” Yes, that person. It could also actually be the person who has everything or, most annoying of all, the person who buys themselves everything they want, right before the holidays!

Get This

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 6.05.56 AM











Donation in their name. Obviously they’re too much of a narcissist to do it themselves, and this may be the only way they contribute anything to humankind. You’re doing everyone a favor.

Sarah of Run Far Girl, has a great list of charities to donate to. Check it out here.

Not That











A gift card. Normally, I highly recommend gift cards but not for this type of person. They need a special kind of gift where, because they are ridiculously selfish, will not see “what’s in it for them.” Everyone wins.

Gadget/Tech Nerds

I have several of these on my list and, this year, once again Amazon has come to my rescue! I should definitely send Jeff Bezos a gift basket.

Get This










The Amazon ECHO! I seriously love this thing and here is a short demo of why…

  1. We did not name her, Amazon did.
  2. She can do SO much more.
  3. Do you see Johnny Elf hanging from the mistletoe in the background? #ThisIsMyLife

Not That

This year, think outside the Apple people!

This year, think outside the Apple people!










Anything Apple. I’m so over their ridiculously expensive and constantly updated products. Yes I love my phone, iPod, and laptop but I haven’t heard great things about the watch and the “new” iPad just seems so unnecessary. Stop trying so hard apple and just be an apple.

The Non-Runner


Let’s be real, there are far more “non-fitness” types on your list. If not, the holidays would be a breeze. Athleta, running shoe store, Momentum Jewelry, throw in some hydration tablets, compression socks and we’re done.

You wish.

Get This

The easy way out of this is to give them a running gift that they don’t know is a running gift. Below are some of my favorite things that I can wear running or shopping:


Exhibit A: TrailHeads Women’s Power Stretch Convertible Mittens | You can wear these anywhere and they are as awesome as ever!






Exhibit B: Althleta No Sweat Jacket | Luckily for the non-runners among us, fitness clothing is trending toward “from barre class to supermarket” gear. This sweater/jacket is one of my favorites and is a classic example.






Exhibit C: Wicked Good Biodegradable Hand Warmers | Do I need to elaborate on this? If you’re like me, your hands are always freezing this time of year. I use these on the run or before a race but also take them outside with the boys or whenever I know I will be without heat for more then 10 minutes.




Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 1.00.00 PM

Exhibit D: KUHL Klaudette Pant | You could hike in these pants but you could just as easily belly up to a bar. I choose to do both in mine.





Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 12.57.06 PM

Exhibit E: New Balance Women’s 696 Sneakers from J.Crew | There are two big clues that these are not for running – they call them “sneakers” and they are sold by J. Crew. I absolutely love my pair and wear them everywhere. #sparkle


Not That
















Basically anything obviously fitness or running related like a gym bag or race bib. It’s like giving a SAHM a vacuum. They obviously do not want it! Or, perhaps they do, but not for Christmas. Now is not the time to be dropping hints about why they should do what you do…even if they really, really should. It’s a time of being charitable and grateful and respecting other people’s wishes.

You have 364 other days to jam running down their throats.

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Runners/Fitness Friends

This is the easiest person to shop for by far. We know your deepest wants and needs. And, as much as we would love to fly us both to Hilton Head South Carolina this March to the Runner’s World Zelle retreat, perhaps we can settle for a few of the following:

Get This

Momentum Jewelry

You cannot go wrong here and, whether you chose a bracelet, necklace or foot note, your recipient is sure to love it!












Apera Performance Duffel Gym Bag

I’ve had a lot of gym bags in the last 15 years or so and this one, by far, is my most favorite. I also have a backpack.

Just look at the sheer amount of STUFF I fit in this thing!

Just look at the sheer amount of STUFF I fit in this thing!















Compression Socks

Affordable, adorable, useable and appreciated.

You bet your ass I will.

Everyone does with compression sleeves!













Beats by Dre Wireless Headphones

Yes, I know they were just bought by Apple but whatever. Totally different. Since I bought these I have been loving them. They are easy to charge, synch and the volume, pause, play and stop controls are all within easy reach and react well the first time you hit them. Best of all? They stay put. No bouncing. No falling out. Nada. Oh yeah, and the sound quality is pretty amazing too.


















I could go on and on about more running clothes, socks, food and gear but, I think we’re done here…for now.

Happy shopping!

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What is on your give and get list this year?

If money was no object, what gift would you give and to whom? Get?