There have been times when my goals seemed more like a dream, then something that is actually attainable. But, if I think back on a few things I never thought I would do – compete for Team USA, run for Oiselle, deliver healthy twins, be published in a book – I have to believe in myself. Even though I honestly have no lofty goal for tomorrow’s half-marathon, I always want to race well (meaning 1:29 or better!) and see others do the same. Because it’s no fun celebrating alone. Unless there’s wine and Ray Donovan involved, but that’s a different post.

Totally stole this from rungiarun

Totally stole this from rungiarun

Training for a big race with friends is like being a part of a secret family. We have our own lingo (taper, Gu, fartlek), are own meaning of fun (speed work, long-slow distance, tempos), our own fashion (compression socks, glide, neon/reflective jackets) and all our months of hard work, culminates on race day. All the fears, hopes and dreams bubble up to the surface when you’re staring down that start line. When I pin a bib on my shirt, I have goals, whether I will admit them to myself or not.

So, instead of focusing on the fact that my left hamstring is kinda sore, or that it may be a cold rain for the race, I posted a call to action on Facebook. I wanted to reach out to my extended running family to get a vibe on what race day will mean for them this year. And (perhaps more importantly), what they were looking forward to after the race. For me, it will be seeing my friend Chrissie, who has trained like a beast, finish her very first marathon. And, I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be a BQ (Boston Qualifier) which is sick, for your very first marathon ever. That’s how she rolls.

Chrissie and I after a fast 5K!

Chrissie and I after a fast 5K!

Here’s how some of my favorite people are going to kick it in their upcoming races:

I love this guy and he always has a great perspective…even when I finally beat him in a local TRI (sorry James, I just had to throw that in!) plus he’s hilarious:




Mostly, people just want to have FUN! And, I have no issue with wearing your medal for days on end. After I ran the Boston Marathon I wore the medal all.night.long even though it was my slowest marathon time…well, not counting my first marathon…




Some get to run in some very cool places (read: not Hartford!) and are newbies! There’s nothing like a new runner in a race. They are definitely feeling the excitement and have those “don’t know what to really expect” feelings. I totally envy that! Plus, if it’s your first race at a new distance, it’s an automatic PR – BOOM!! BEST of luck to all the newbies out there. I’m cheering so loudly for y’all. That’s right, it’s so loud I now have a southern accent.







I have yet to run a race with my boys. Doing a 5K with them being only 5 years-old, seems like too lofty a goal. I may loose them in the woods during a 3-mile race, as they are easily distracted and tend to wander. Not so with my next racer…




I had to put these two badasses together. If I didn’t know them, I would think they were total a-holes. But, I have the absolute pleasure of knowing (and running/racing) with them both, and they are lovely. Lovely in a way that crazy athletic killers are.  (*IMAZ is Ironman Arizona and Kevin is doing the FULL marathon)



Now that it’s on Facebook, it’s gospel. Go get it girl…



This next one sounds all sweet and nice, but really she’s getting out of running 13.1 or 26.2 by “paying it forward.” Come on Anne!  Totally just kidding. Anne is an amazing running friend and has taught me so much about it over the years. She lives her life ‘paying it forward!’ xoxoxo




This next one is hilarious. I love being included in goals no matter how cray cray.




I have this shared goal after every.single.race I run! Most people want to hit the beer garden after the race, but you will find me in the FOOD TENT!




By the time you get to race day, sometimes you just want to get it over with! The funny thing is, no matter how much I look forward to the resting phase after the race, I always want another goal and another race. This next one may come off as she is ready to be done, however, after finishing this same race last year, I believe she promptly signed up for like five more in the coming months. And, in case you didn’t know, it’s Mary Shannon, and her bib will have her name on it. She’s a pretty big deal…





Last but not least, let’s kick it for the red, white and blue! Without freedom, there is no race.



To ALL the racers and spectators – GOOD LUCK! Have fun, race smart, get in some high-fives and then hit the food and beer tents like a boss. You’ve earned it!

What your race goal?

If you don’t race, what’s a personal goal you have for yourself?