This was the first really good week I have had since returning from Cuba so I’m giving a big high five to Friday by linking up with Angela from Happy Fit Mama! I kind of don’t want this week to end because next week is going to be a big one. I’ll be taking the week off for my kid’s spring break and to celebrate (wait for it) their 8th birthday! How in the hell is that possible? Let’s try not to think about how quickly time is passing since it’s Friday and we want the next couple days to slow way down.


Have you heard about S-Town yet? If not, I’m sure you soon will. The “s” stands for “shit” and the podcast is from the same people who brought you Serial. Yep. I was super excited to read about it in the New York Times but was cautiously optimistic.

Well, I can tell you that after only listening to the first two episodes I am hooked! S-Town, from This American Life is about possibly the most backwoods, white trash location on the map – – Bibb County Alabama – – where a murder of a high school student may or may not have taken place and been covered up by a wealthy family. The “star” of the podcast is one of the most interesting characters you may ever hear. He seems to be part genius, part savior and part nut job. I guess I have to listen to it in it’s entirety to see exactly which he truly is. All of the episodes are currently available so I suggest you hurry up and listen before the spoilers start coming out!


They are out of hibernation and residing in my neighborhood. I know because a neighborly message was posted on our Facebook page warning everyone there was a black bear among us (once again) and to be aware of dogs and kids.

This photo was taken by a friend who lives just a few miles away. Thanks for the pic Stacey!

Unfortunately for me, I also have to be aware of myself running around and attracting them. My husband literally escorted me in his car from my house down to the main road, horn beeping and laughing the whole way. Better to be safe than sorry, right?

Two things that will do almost nothing if I encounter a bear – – pepper spray and a puppy!


In case you missed it, ROKA now makes fitness gear and accessories and so far, I’m in love! I now have the Phantom Sunglasses ($275) and Women’s Elite Race Singlet ($55). I’m currently patiently waiting for the Women’s Elite Low Rise Short ($70 shown below) to be restocked so I can check them out too! The short patterns are adorable in the best possible way…

Just what runners need – more amazing gear choices. You’re welcome.


With (hopefully) lots of good weather for everyone on the horizon, who wants to spend more time cooking or cleaning up? I never do so, when I discovered these one pot meals in an article on Greatist, I was hooked! So far, all of the recipes I have whipped up have been delicious crowd-pleasers. My husband even cleaned up after the last one I cooked, in case you needed proof of how easy it is.

53 Healthy One Pot Meals | Greatist


I am one of those people who needs time utterly and completely alone and quiet. I thrive in silence since a lot of my life exists in chaos. When I don’t get enough quiet, people notice. And by “people” I mean my family. And by “notice” I mean they think something is seriously wrong with me and start offering for me to go somewhere (anywhere) by myself.

I think that’s why one of my friend’s sent this link to me…but I could be wrong.

The Busier You Are, The More You Need Quiet Time | Harvard Business Review 

Now I’m not saying I’m so busy and over scheduled because everyone is, or thinks they are, and it’s become trendy to be “busy” doing nothing. I have, in fact, made some decisions lately to push my life forcefully in the direction of less busy and less scheduled. It’s slow going but I’m working on it.

Which is actually the perfect segue into bidding you adieu until April 17th! Have a great week everyone…

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What are you high 5-ing today?

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