At the ripe old age of 40, I have accomplished yet another first – the removal of my wisdom teeth! Of course my oral surgeon had to ask, when we first met for my assessment, “So, how young are you?” and when told him, he responded with “you know, most people get these out when they’re 16.” I almost said “yes, that was the about the time when my mom died so I wasn’t really focused on my oral health, but thanks for the tip.”

Instead I simply responded with “Well, I’m here now.” Why I decided to be nice to him, I will never know. Ok, fine, it’s because he was going to be ripping four pretty settled teeth out of my head.

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This week I’m cheering the removal of my teeth as well as four other great happenings, because it’s Friday and that’s how me and Happy Fit Mama roll…


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Clockwise from top left:

Wisdom Teeth Removal:

Four of those in the x-ray are now gone, and it’s pretty obvious why those bottom ones were causing issues.

Either they have made remarkable leaps in tooth removal, my surgeon is a genius or my body is an extraordinarily good at healing, but I was on the couch for about three hours with ice on my face and then felt pretty normal. I’ve had almost no pain, not much difficulty eating (thank God!) but have been itching to RUN, BIKE or SWIM! They should have sent me home strapped to a bed.

So I Went for A Hike:

On day two, I went out into the woods to walk. And I did. Ok, I ran the very last quarter mile because I couldn’t take it anymore but I really enjoyed my time in the woods and only got slightly lost. I also saw this just before heading out:

Since it was posted on June 11, I figured I was kind of safe. Sort of.

Since it was posted on June 11, I figured I was kind of safe. Sort of.

Running Long in Spandits:

How can you put on these pants on and not smile? I dare you! Since I knew what was coming on Tuesday with my oral surgery (which I thought would require a much longer recovery) I went long on Monday. It was a gorgeous sunny day and I ended up doing 11 miles, never looking at my watch. It’s the best run I have had post-marathon. It almost makes me wish I was running Boston. Almost.

Flat out 8:00 min/mile pace with plenty of hills. I seriously loved every step.

Flat out 8:00 min/mile pace with plenty of hills. I seriously loved every step.

Currently My In-Box:

I have to laugh that my “work” in box on my desk is filled with the following:

Altra lip balm: This stuff is amazing and I haven’t a clue if you can get it online…anyone? I grabbed not one but two at the Runner’s World Half and Festival. Thanks Altra!

Race medals and bibs: Three from the RW Half and Festival weekend and one from the NYC Marathon. I have yet to hang them in the garage because #1 I’m lazy and #2 I like looking at them.

EnduroPacks Electrolytes Spray: After the debacle that was electrolyte depletion during the NYC marathon, the awesome people at EnduroPacks sent me some spray so it never happens again! I also have a bottle to give away very soon…stay tuned.

Night Runner 270: These are the product of a kick starter campaign I backed this past spring. They are amazing little head lights you attach to your shoes! I have yet to try them out but I cannot wait. Of course there will be a full review when I do!


Women’s Running Article:

I pitched an article to Women’s Running about what to do with yourself after a missed goal. I was hurting after the NYC marathon and, of course, needed to free some angst by writing and sharing.

About halfway though the piece I decided I needed to make it as funny as possible, because seriously, in the grand scheme of things, how important is a missed race goal? Not very. Also, if you’re not a runner, you cannot fathom finishing a marathon and being upset about it. So, this is a little excerpt:

Stage Three: Questioning

You will question everything from your training technique to fueling to your underwear and shoelaces. Most likely it was the fact that your bib number really was unlucky. This will obviously lead to stage four.

Stage Four: Delusion

In trying to pinpoint where you went wrong and how your body could have betrayed you so badly, you may fall deeply into “if only” thoughts. If only I had trained differently, wore more supportive shoes, wore my compression socks, ate that new gel, wore less supportive shoes or went to bed at 9:51 p.m. instead of 9:52 p.m. None of those things matter, but the head games in your brain will continue until you reach stage five.

Stage Five: Happiness

If you’re thinking stage five is way too fast to find happiness again, you’re right. You’re only happy because you’re drunk. Enjoy it.

Stage Six: Quitting

You will contemplate never running again (especially since you’re hungover from stage five) until you see the spring line of running apparel and gear that you obviously cannot live without, nor can you justify buying if you’re no longer running.

Here is something you don't see everyday...

Here is something you don’t see everyday…

Happy Trails Friday Everyone!


What do you want to high five today?

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