I generally don’t like to wish time away but, I have to say I’m pretty happy it’s Friday and that this week is a wrap!


I’m linking up with Angela of Happy Fit Mama who is currently training for the Mt. Washington Road Race. If you have never heard of this race, it boasts “one hill,” which is awesome, until you find out that “one hill” lasts almost 8 miles with an average grade of 12%. Yeah, she’s pretty badass.

Enough about Angela…let’s talk about what I want to give a big ol’ high five to this week:


In case you’re not a total running nerd like I am, this coming Monday, April 18 is known as “marathon Monday” in the city of Boston. You may have heard of the race, even if you’re not a running nerd. I have several friends running it this year, including Sarah, Natalie and Sandra and I cannot wait to virtually cheer them on!

I ran Boston on 2007, attended and hold a degree from Boston University, so the city holds a very special place in my heart. I qualified to run Boston this year but, I decided to chase some triathlon dreams instead. Every time I think I don’t want to run another marathon, I think of Boston and how I have some unfinished business there.

The picture below was taken with a real camera, since 2007 was pre-camera phones! It’s of my husband and I, after we were reunited, at the finish line. I spent a little time in the medical tent since there was a nor’easter that day and I was becoming hypothermic.


If you want to read about the top American woman to race Boston on Monday, check this out:

Neely Spence Gracey Will Make Her Marathon Debut in Boston | WomensRunning.com


Moving from one great city to the next! I will not be in Boston this weekend but in New York City where the celebration of my boys turning seven continues. We’re surprising them with tickets to see The Lion King! They are going to poop themselves when we tell them and I cannot wait for the surprise.

Any time I hear this opening song, I get chills. I cannot imagine what it will be like, live on stage!



I was so happy to announce this week that I am the very first ambassador to the Fleet Feet specialty running store in Longmeadow, Massachusetts!

Me and one of the owners (Jill) at the store on Monday.

Me and one of the owners (Jill) at the store on Monday.

Jill (pictured above) was the first one to figure out my shoe issues so I could run the NYC Marathon without the pain I ran the NJ Marathon in. She was the one to introduce me to my now beloved Adidas Boost shoes and I could never thank her enough, even though at the time, I looked at her like she was nuts for suggesting what I thought was a soccer shoe, for running. Obviously she’s a lot smarter than I am.

I’m really looking forward to all that we can do for the local running community and we have already started planning. For all the local peeps, I will let you know when the first event is!


As you may have noticed, I do a little freelance work, and when Tina Muir contacted me to do this piece for Runner’s Connect I was intrigued from the start. The piece started with what seems like a very simple question: Do negative splits produce a faster race time?

Running a “negative split” means running the second half of your race distance faster than the first. It’s advice almost every single runner has both taken and given, for what seems like decades. “Don’t go out too fast” has become a mantra of sorts in the running and racing community, but, Runner’s Connect wanted to know, is there actual evidence to back this up?

I was giddy with the research they provided me and dove head-first into the project. This, sadly, cannot be said about all the topics I cover so I was excited to take this on!

The end result completely blew me away, as well as the surprising answer to the simple question of “Do negative splits produce a faster race?”

See for yourself:

Lastly, I don’t want to speak too soon but, dare I say I don’t think it’s going to snow again around these parts. The weather predicted for the weekend is the best forecast we have had in months and I truly hope we actually reach 70 degrees. It will feel like 100!

Have a great weekend everyone! See you on the other side…

What do you want to high five for Friday?