My cup runneth over this week. For realizes. I cannot believe the perfect storm of goodness that has taken over my week and I don’t want to let it go. I can only hope the good times will keep rolling into this weekend and beyond. I’m going to need every ounce of awesomeness to get though my Runner’s World Half and Festival weekend at this time next Friday!

But, I’m getting way ahead of myself. Back it up (beep, beep, beep) and let’s high five this Friday bitches!



Rise.Run.Retreat Weekend

You may be sick to death of hearing about this so get the puke bucket because I’m talking about it one more time. Plus, I still have not written my recap of the actual event, only the epicness of the race when elite runner Tina Muir paced me to the strongest race of my life. Not the fastest, but the absolute best. In case you somehow missed it, you can re-live how it all went down here – – > What Is It Like to be Paced by an Elite Runner? 

It was so great to see all the running shoes lining the porch instead of the usual Crocs thrown everywhere!

It was so great to see all the running shoes lining the porch instead of the usual Crocs thrown everywhere!

Natural Deodorant

Ok, so maybe this is not in the category of “life changing” but, it has been very eye opening for me. As you know, I consider myself to be a very healthy person, both inside and out, and it never dawned on me to not use certain products on my skin that may have damaging ingredients. I had been reading a bit about natural deodorants and, of course, my first thought was I sweat way too much to use anything “natural” to cover up the stink of my hot sweaty mess.

Then opportunity presented itself via email. I was given not one, not two, but three samples of natural deodorants to try. Here are the results:

Via Nature


I tried the stick and spray deodorants and I have to say, both smelled great and actually worked! I have found that almost all natural deodorant sticks are kind of messy and this was no exception. It smears a bit but I could still be around other people after a hard track workout. Win.

The spray I don’t love as much only because it stings! I don’t know about you but I shave my arm pits every day. Yes, everyday. I’m Italian and Cuban! So the spray is just not an option since I don’t want to torture myself like that. Not most days anyway. However, the day I did use it, it passed the sweat test with flying colored aromas.

Bottom Line: Both work, smell great and are affordable at $6.99 for the stick and $7.49 for the spray. You can purchase online at the Via Nature website or find a store near you on the site store locator.



When I first received my little tub of Piperwai I noticed it read “charcoal creme” deodorant. What the…? Charcoal? Apparently that’s a thing…a thing that makes you smell great naturally.

I absolutely LOVE this product. It smells great, it keeps you smelling great, it reminds me of Piper from OITNB (ok, maybe that’s not a great thing) and it’s not messy, nor does it sting.

The only gripe I have (because there is always something) is you have to apply it either with your fingers or something called a “cosmetic spatula.” Although it’s not that big of a deal to just slap it on with your fingers, it does require an extra hand washing, which is not ideal when you’re running around like a crazy person trying to get ready in the morning.

I actually put this one in my gym bag and I use it post workout/shower. I also love telling all the other girls in the locker room about when I eventually get the stare as I apply it.

Bottom Line: I highly recommend buying Piperwai if you don’t mind having to apply it with your hands or a spatula. You can purchase it on the Piperwai web site or check out the list of retailers. ($11.99 for 2 oz.)

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As a freelance writer, I have zero control over when my work will be published. After I submit my pieces I check the media outlets obsessively for days until I see my name in lights. Apparently, Oct 6th was Allie Burdick day because three of my pieces hit the inter webs. #overexposure

Guest post for Amanda Brooks, Run to the Finish

How to Take 10 Minutes off of Your Half Marathon Time – – > It can be done. I know because I did it. Here’s a tip sheet:



Women’s Running Magazine (online)

7 Unhealthy Habits of Healthy People – – > As you may know, this first appeared in this space and was specifically about ME…not just “healthy people.” But, as editors do, they changed the title. No biggie, right? Wrong. Once it was posted to Facebook, people lost their minds. I find most of their heated comments hysterical, especially since their grammar is usually the worst.

The result was thousands of hits to my FB page and blog. Thank you angry people of Facebook! I heart you even though you think eating french fries is wrong and thigh gaps are the best.

It was the #1 most read post!

It was the #1 most read post!


What I Learned About Racing After Having Twins – – > This story never gets old. It is one of true lunacy and, each time I reflect on it, I’m more astounded about how absolutely clueless I was as to how my body, mind and life would change after having the boys. While in la la land, I decided to register for my first ever triathlon. It was being held three months after their birth.

It’s a great story and I’ve included lessons on how to learn from my mistakes!

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 6.11.43 AM

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I will be headed to Vermont with the crazies this weekend which should be good for a few live Periscopes! If you’re not already, jump onto the bandwagon and follow me! Or, you can go the old fashioned route and follow me on Instagram. #OldSchool

Have a great LONG weekend everyone! The Rundown will be up on Tuesday…if I survive.

What are you high-fiving this Friday?

Any long weekend plans?