Can I open my eyes now? Have we finally made it to Friday? I’m putting two hands way up today because I’m hooking up with my sister from another mister, Angela aka Happy Fit Mama, and declaring this week officially over. Done. Cooked. Stick a fork in me because this girl is on fire!


Let’s get right to it because it’s Friday and we all need to get busy doing nothing over the weekend.


As many of you smarter people were probably having a cool drink on a deck or poolside somewhere this past Wednesday night, I was out in 90 degree heat and humidity, racing a triathlon. I am not known for my brains.

I'm laughing on the outside but crying because I'm slowly cooking to death in this wet suit.

I’m laughing on the outside but crying because I’m slowly cooking to death in this wet suit.

It builds mental toughness. It creates confidence. It’s also horrendous while you’re doing it but incomprehensibly reliving when it’s over.

I was so thankful that a friend of mine offered to go with me since it’s over an hour drive to the venue, and we were able to catch-up on the way there and take my mind off of what was to come.

I’ll have much more on the race in The Rundown on Monday so stay tuned!

P.S. – I killed it! You can check my Instagram for my results and follow me while you’re there.


I just had to include this, even though many of you have probably already seen it. It’s an ad for Organic Valley and captures the reality of a busy moms morning. Despite our best intentions to meditate and knock off 15 sun salutations before gathering our thoughts in a journal with rose petals on it and waking up our adorable children so they can make themselves breakfast, this is what really happens…

If anyone can deny the truth in this, I want to hear about it. Although I have to say that I always make my bed. #Issues


I love nothing more than large groups of motivating bad ass women, especially in this ahem…election year. After reading:

5 Total Girl Bosses (Who Run) from SoCalRunnerGal

I added most every woman on the list to my Instagram feed and also now have several books to read.

Rock on ladies. Rock on.

Robin Arzon - getting it done, every damn day.

Robin Arzon – getting it done, every damn day.


It’s all Sue’s fault. She had to come visit me and start swinging her gorgeous, shiny, new Garmin Fenix 3 Sapphire all up in my face. And I am now obsessed with it.


Isn’t it gorgeous?

You all know how much I absolutely love my Garmin Vivoactive but here are three very important things the fenix has that my vivoactive does not:

  1. GPS for open water swimming so I can track my distance. Right now I can only track distance in a pool.
  2. The fenix has a “triathlon” mode so I can use it in races without having to stop, reset, save and then open my next app each time I transition. For this reason, I never use my watch when I’m racing so I have no data afterward. My coach is very upset by this as she likes to analyze my every move with her rocket scientist brain.
  3. It has an app for SUP and snowboarding! I mean, seriously? I need this in my life.

Here is where I need your help:

What is the best place to sell my less than one year old, practically brand new Vivoactive? Do you or one of your friends want it? It has magical PR powers.*

*magical PR powers not included but you can make them on your own

Are there any discount codes/coupons for the Fenix?

It’s not Christmas or my birthday, I missed an opportunity at Mother’s Day so I got nothin’. Help a sista out.

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I’m so done with this week, I’m only giving you four things to high five. It’s my little summer gift to you. Use it wisely.

What do you have to high five about this Friday?

Any advice for me on the Garmin front?

Who do you look up to as a “female boss?”