I have nothing but good news and love for you today! Let’s throw two hands way up to high five Friday! My long awaited results from the HMF Women’s Triathlon are official, I received winter ready KUHL clothes and, you know I’m always in favor of going too far but, not when it comes to certain things.

Let’s get the party started with Angela from Happy Fit Mama and five favorites from my Instagram this week:


Starting from top left: Making it count in the swim, on the bike and on the run at the HMF Women’s Triathlon last weekend; doing some much needed running shoe shopping at my favorite Fleet Feet in Longmeadow, MA and arriving at the Shangri-La of mom hood – – a Starbucks inside my local Target. I was there for several hours.

Race Results

Everyone can relax. My results from the women’s triathlon will stand and count as a USATriathlon Nationals qualification. Omaha, here I come! If you’re confused as to why this is news, you should read all about the race course debacle and disqualifications that ensued, culminating in lots of anger and confusion.

KUHL Clothes

I’m a proud ambassador of all that is cool and also KUHL, although some would beg to differ on the former, it’s all true.


Just in time for the Rise.Run.Retreat and also fall, I received three new pieces that I absolutely love! I can’t decide if it’s good or bad that I cannot actually wear them yet, but I’m very excited to test them out and then wear them all winter long…at Target/Starbucks.

Disclaimer: My kids took these photos which is why they are of the highest quality. I was also sweating to death and my neighbors were staring.

The Alina Flannel



Firefly Jacket

Daydreaming about snowboarding though white covered mountains…



And, although I couldn’t round up the boys for a picture (apparently two is their attention span limit), I’m pretty sure I’m going to live in these pants:


Pretend this is my bottom half instead of the legs of a 20 year-old model. Is that such a stretch?



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Going to Far

As I already mentioned, I’m usually a fan of going too far however, some of these reads made me want to draw a line:

Young Women Get Buzzed, On Their Own Terms | Hayley Phelan | NYTimes.com

This was a great article about young women starting a new trend to shave thier heads. This is something I have been threatening to do for years because my hair is so unmanageable! The only thing that keeps me from doing it at this point is embarrassing my kids. Once they grow up a bit (or I stop caring, whichever comes first) I’m doing it!

This is filed under “going to far” since one woman in the article was quoted as saying “Women are moving away from that long, pretty bohemian vibe that was happening for so long and starting to take more risks. They’re not afraid to not look pretty.” 

You had me right up until the “not look pretty” part. Does anyone else think she’s missing the whole point? #eyeroll

Source: Alana Derksen, 22

Alana Derksen, 22 (source) I mean the Mickey shirt throws me off but this girl is gorgeous.

Medal Mania: Are We Going Overboard with the Awards? | Susan Lacke | Competitor.com

In a word, YES! Enough already with all the crazy bling. I would rather have a better staffed event or even a better t-shirt. The medal is great but I’m firmly in the camp of keep the medals…or donate them or spend the money elsewhere.

Let us pause for those of you whose heads just exploded.


If your eyeballs have not burst into flames of hatred, please read this from the author:

“Perhaps we should return to a simpler time, when races handed out high-fives and bananas. A finish line should not be an endpoint, but a springboard for the next challenge: to go farther, faster, harder. A medal implies finality, as if one has reached the pinnacle of success as a runner.” 

[Tweet “”A finish line should not be an endpoint, but a springboard to the next challenge.” @runcompetitor”]

I will leave you with that my friends.

Next up for me is a weekend with only running! What the…? Then, we have the Wednesday Round-Up and on Thursday I’m off to Vermont for the Rise.Run.Retreat.

See you on the other side…


What are you giving a high five to this week?

Which KUHL piece do you like best?

Agree or disagree about the race bling?