Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night will keep this runner from getting her miles in!  I swear sometimes I feel like it’s my mission in life to get out for a run.  I’m a self-described running addict who will stop at almost nothing to go the distance.  I’m sure there could have been, but I don’t remember a time when the weather kept me from my run.  In fact, I hate the treadmill with such a passion that I will do almost anything to avoid being stuck inside running on it.

Some of my runs could be a reality show or episode of Survivor!  Luckily I have yet to resort to drinking my own pee for hydration or stripping down naked and burrowing a hole in the snow to stay warm, but I’ve come very close to knocking on someone’s door or flagging down a rape van car to help me out of a bad situation.  Here are some examples:

1.  Years ago, when I first started running distances longer then 5 miles, I went on an 8 miler with a few friends from the gym.  The run started and finished at the gym and I thought I was paying attention and it seemed a fairly easy route, so I attempted it by myself.  In the winter.  You know where this is going right?  I got lost about 5 miles in and tried a few different streets a few different times.  I was seriously just about to flag down a car and get a ride when I finally realized where I was and ran the rest of the way back.  I have no clue how many miles I ended up running that day because this was pre-Garmin (gasp!) but I’m guessing it was close to 12.  No water.  No Gu.  No brain cells.


2.  When the twins were newborns I needed to run more then the Toronto mayor needed crack.  The issue was that my aunt did not swoop in like an angel and set me free from the twins until 1:00 in the afternoons.  In July at 1pm in Connecticut it can be upwards of 90 degrees.  Did I care?  Nope.  Did I bring water on a 10 miler? Nope.  The odd thing is that I only remember one run when I thought I really may die.  I barely made it to my house (running UP the mountain!) and I immediately turned on the hose to drench myself on the front lawn, fully clothed.  Only one problem with that.  When the hose has been baking in the same 90 degree heat, boiling water spews from it first.  So I was scalded and then rewarded with an ice cold splash.

3.  Just last week – that’s right I don’t learn from past mistakes – I went out for a run in the freezing cold.  This is not something new.  I checked the weather and the temp was around 23 degrees.  Totally do-able.  I put on my new Trail Heads zip up, gloves and neck warmer, eager to try them out!  Don’t worry, I’m not so dense from all these running mishaps that I forgot my pants – I was wearing those and a hat in addition to all my cool new gear.  However, what my little weather app failed to mention was the tornado-like winds that almost blew me off the road and dropped the mercury to probably 10 degrees.  Did I turn around?  Nope.  Did I cut my run short? Nope.  Could I feel my toes?  Not even half a mile in.  BUT I could feel my fingers and I pulled that neck warmer almost up over my head to keep my entire face warm.  I completed 10 miles and ran straight across my lawn and into my house as soon as I could!!  I usually stroll around the driveway and stretch on the porch but since I was pretty sure something on me was frostbitten I just went inside to thaw!

Unibomber?  Nope, just little 'ol me out for a winter run.

Unibomber? Nope, just little ‘ol me out for a winter run.

The point to all this ridiculousness is GEAR is of the ultimate importance.  You can survive any run, comfortably, if you’re dressed right.  I love searching out and trying new gear and different fuel on my runs so I was psyched when I found TrailHeads.  Their stuff is quality, durable, washable (I’ve already washed my neck warmer five times!) and darn it they are adorable!  That last one really isn’t necessary but, hey, I’m still a girl who wants to look cute for all those cows I run by!

You all know I give you the straight dope here and I would never promote something I haven’t tested and loved.  TraiHeads passed my ultimate weather and sweat tests with flying colors.  You can check them out on their web site or by clicking the affiliate link on my side bar.

As if you needed any more incentive to buy this stuff, they’re also giving you a 20% discount when you use the code TRAIN020 and is good for anything on the entire site – not just the items I’ve reviewed.  All of a sudden it’s cyber Friday – BAM!…(discount is good through 12/20)

Get some!

Get some!

If there’s a running friend, relative or co-worker in your life, do them a favor and buy them some TrailHeads gear.  Even if you think the last thing they need or want is more running stuff – you are wrong!  I’ve been running and, consequently, buying running stuff since 2000 and I can never have enough, especially when the quality is this good!

Happy shopping…

Have you ever found yourself in a survivor like situation?  Do you run in extreme temperatures? 

Trail Heads sent me the neck warmer, goodbye-girl zip up and power stretch power gloves in exchange for posting, tweeting, face-booking and social media-ing about them.  Don’t tell them, but I would have done it for free.  Shhhhhhh.