Being away from home for a month has many challenges, as one might guess. Going into this trip I knew there would be struggles and, overall I think I’ve handled them fairly well. It’s a very odd feeling to be both on vacation and not for weeks at a time.

"Should I start drinking at noon?" is a daily question, especially with so many inviting bars like this one in Meredith.

“Should I start drinking at noon?” is a daily question, especially with so many inviting bars like this one in Meredith.

There’s an overall feeling of relaxation, family and friends have visited and I’ve definitely incorporated more alcohol and chocolateย into my diet then I have in any other July on record.

On the flip side I’m doing laundry, food shopping, sending the boys to day camp, making meals, cleaning up and writing articles.

The other morning I woke up at 5:30am to get in a 25 mile ride before the fun of the day started, and so I wouldn’t get “You’re going to do what right now?” later on in the day when everyone was relaxing by the lake. It was a gorgeous ride filled with the many hills I’m now becoming accustomed to. On one speedy descent of a particularly steep hill I ratcheted up my gears, slipped my hands into the drops and raised my ass up to catch as much speed as possible. Pure bliss.

As I rounded out the bottom of the hill and sped toward yet another climbย (because that’s how every ride goes!) I started to pedal. I was still enjoying the downdraft of the descent but the pedaling was increasingly harder until Iย was forced to downshift.

This month has been like that moment in cycling. I’m pedaling through the downhills. I’m working but enjoying, sweating but not suffering, and training but also resting.

The ying and yang of being away for a month.

The ying and yang of being away for a month.

In the two weeks I have been at the lake, here’s what I’m learning about training while on vacation:


You’re not going to get it all done. No, you’re not. Go into your vacation week(s) with a plan and have very specific priorities for your workouts. It also doesn’t matter what the priority is, as in, it’s a priority to run on the beach and catch the sunrise one morning. Sounds like a plan!

My coach has been excellent in this capacity as she knows I’m going to try an overachieve even on my extended vacation. Each week my training plan has priority workouts and lots of options. being flexible is key and doing what you can, when you can is the only way to go!ย #wycwyc

Here’s a recent swim workout schedule with CRS’ ‘pre-activity comments’ leaving a lot of wiggle room. This was marked yellow because I did not quite complete it!

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 4.34.12 PM


One day last week I was supposed to do a track workout and I went SUP (stand-up paddle boarding) instead. It was a fiercely windy day, I was cursing the wind with each stroke, but I had an absolute blast, a great workout and the blisters to prove it.

I risked dropping my phone in Lake Winni to get this shot. #worthit

I risked dropping my phone in Lake Winni to get this shot. #worthit #muscleclevage

I also did a great wheel pose on my board but there was no one there to capture it!

If there’s something you can do for fitness where you are vacationing that you don’t normally do, do it and do it up big!


You plan every other detail of your vacation so be sure to plan for fitness as well. My husband and I packed all of this:


…and we weren’t afraid to use it. Doing interval strength training workouts outside, where we could watch the kids, was sometimes the only way to get our workouts in.



One of the best things about being on vacation is, if a run or ride is sucking, you’re still on vacation when you get back and have many hours of fun and relaxation ahead of you. It is, after all, supposed to be downtime for your mind and body.

There have been quite a few crappy runs in the humidity since I’ve been here but, the memory of them is quickly brushed aside when I round the corner to my little home away from home.

I’ve also had a few days of complete rest, lounging lake side or doing something fun with the boys with zero fitness involved.

Because watersides are awesome!

Because water slides are awesome!

Whatever you chose to do on vacation, do it for you and because you really want to. Before you know it you will be back home and back to your usual routine with plenty of hard training days ahead…

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What do you do for fitness (if any) on vacation?

Any tips or tricks to fit it all in?