This can probably be considered my official “Valentine” post because I truly love my headbands.  What else could wrangle this mess of hair I have on my head in such a fit or fashionable way?  Nothing!  In fact when my hairdresser canceled on me last minute last week (he was sick!) right before my wedding weekend, my husband suggested I “just put in one of your fancy headbands.”  Yeah, right.  I did not take that suggestion but, it just proves I have a headband for any occasion from running to shopping to weddings.

A lot of fun was made, at my expense, during the Super Bowl half-time show to the uncanny resemblance I have to Bruno Mars:

Like twins.

Like twins.

I probably would be rocking a pompadour if I didn’t have headbands!  Luckily, I have tons of headbands:

Morning headband.

Morning headband.

Sweaty headband.

Sweaty headband.

Date night headband.

Date night headband.

You get the idea.  I’m not quite sure when this whole thing started but it’s one of the only ways I can tame my hair and cover my grey!  So you can imagine my excitement when this showed up in my January Runnerbox:

Runnerbox you really know the way to this girl's heart.

Runnerbox you really know the way to this girl’s heart.

I love this giant scarf thing for SO many reasons!  It’s extremely versatile and can be worn as a neck warmer, hat, wristband and even a halter top:

IMG_3103Ok, maybe not a halter top but it really can be worn so many ways.  I have put it to the test with sweat, stretching and several washes through the machine and it’s lasting very nicely.  Some of the other things I loved in my latest Runnerbox were:

1.  KUTOA bars.  I can never get enough of these.  They are so filling and delicious, I finally ordered a box.  I told you I’ve been eating like a 14 year-old boy with all this training so I can’t be expected to wait for my bi-monthly ration!

2.  SmartyPants gummy vitamins.  I’m not big on vitamins.  Some find this shocking but I truly believe you can get all the nurtirents you need from eating well and eating a variety of foods.  However, when you’re training hard for an endurance event, I think you I may need a little help.  These vitamins taste good and are supercharged with Vitamin D and Omega 3’s in addition to all the other multi-vitamin goodness.  RD’s please weigh-in here!  Am I wrong?  Valentine RD and Mommy, Run Fast – I’m looking at YOU!

Better to start your day with smarty pants then a smarty a**

Better to start your day with smarty pants then a smarty a**

3.  Snapea Crisps.  I’m a salty/crunchy snacker and these hit the spot.  Plus, they’re really good for you and come in a great little snack pack which is perfect when you’re already packing snacks for the two other little people that follow you around.  You guys don’t have that?  Hmmmm.

4.  Cherry Bay Orchards Dried Cherries.  OMG did I die and go to heaven with these?  So good and the perfect snack.  They also go fabulously with almonds.



If you’re finally going to break down and order a Runnerbox for yourself or your running friend, you can use my code RUNALLIERB to get 10% off.  They’re doing a promotion in February and if my promo code gets the most hits they give everyone who left a comment on my blog a Porsche.  Ok, you people just get the Runnerbox you order and I get some fabulous gift and street cred with the other RB Ambassadors.  After that comparison to Bruno Mars, I’m going to need all the help I can get!  Help a sista out!

Also, as an added bonus, Runnerbox is now offering a Valentine Runnerbox!  I know.  I feel badly because I didn’t get running anything but hey –  if you have that special runner in your life you know they will smack you if you dare to insult their body’s temple with a box of chocolates.  Instead, sweep them off their tired runner’s feet with this baby:

This is the way to make a runner's Valentine's Day.

This is the way to make a runner’s Valentine’s Day.  They even put a bow on it!


Just to re-cap the awesomeness that is Runnerbox:

Bi-Monthy Box = $20

One-time Gift Box = $20

Valentine Runnerbox = $29.00

Don’t forget to use my code RUNALLIERB for 10% off and make your Valentine’s Day!

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?  What’s the worst gift you ever got for V-Day?  Best?  

Do you love headbands as much as I do?  I’ll answer that – NO!  Not possible.