Sure it sounds creepy but I promise it’s not that creepy.  After a conversation with my husband that started with him saying “Do we celebrate that holiday?” and ended with “I’m not giving in to some made-up, ridiculous holiday based on me spending money for nothing.”  This only proves that he totally forgot about Valentine’s Day and has nothing for me because he loves to spend money on absolutely nothing.  Trust me.  The first time we went bowling with our two 4 year-olds he bought the “party package” for $50 that included two hours of bowling and a large pizza.  Two hours with twin toddlers their first time bowling and with a game room right behind our lane?  We struggled through 40 minutes of getting them to focus and not run in front of other people hurling balls.  Money well spent.  I digress…

…for total strangers

Instead of recognizing all the people I know and love in my life, I started thinking about all the people I don’t know but I love nonetheless.  For instance, all the headband makers of the world, the UPS and FedEx delivery men and even the baggers at the grocery store who don’t give my kids nasty looks when they’re jumping in and out of the cart they’re trying to fill!  Basically, all those who make my life a little easier, without knowing it.  My heart goes to you!

1.  The geniuses who created the televisions in my SUV.  Before my kids started to drive me absolutely insane in the car, I thought I would never let them watch TV in it.  The car I had when they were born didn’t have one and I frowned upon not talking to your kids in the car.  Well, the moment they started talking I bought a car with a TV and headphones!  The brilliance behind this is that they can watch Scooby Doo until their ears bleed and I can listen to Howard Stern without them ever hearing the word “vagina” even once.  Brilliant!

2.  Tech wick inventors.  Remember when you used to wear cotton to workout in?  I would get hypothermic in the middle of a 10 miler.  Now?  The tech wick slurps up sweat and directs it away from your body like it’s their job…because it actually is.  Brilliant!

3.  Coffee Makers.  This goes without saying but…that’s kind of my point.  To every god and goddess at Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks; to every genius who works for Keurig and whatever band of merry angels who make k-cups – I love each and every one of you.

I pity the fool who doesn't drink coffee!

I pity the fool who doesn’t drink coffee!

4.  Mary Lorriane Elder.  College roommate, skier extraordinaire and proper southern lady.  The woman who introduced me to cat head biscuits, sweet tea and Ms. Firebird.  Happy Birthday –  I love you more then my luggage.

Happy Birthday Valentine Girl!

Happy Birthday Valentine Girl!

5.  Wax and Aestheticians.  I have a love/hate relationship with hot wax.  I’m not talking about the use of wax in a sexy way but it a way where it rips all the unwanted hair out of my body in a very harsh and cruel way.  And in some very sensitive areas.  It’s a necessary evil and my aesthetician deserves an extra special Valentine for dealing with all my whining!

Torture tools.

Torture tools.

6.  Brittany Bitch.  Just cause I think she really needs it, don’t you?

And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for, the announcement of the TrailHeads HEADBAND WINNER!


I need a TrailHeads headband!

I need a TrailHeads headband!

 STEPHANIE from So, I’ve Been Thinking…

Stephanie lamented that she cannot find a headband that “stays put” and she follows TrailHeads around social media like a cute little puppy.  This is a winning combination!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Who would you send a Valentine to that you don’t know?  What are you doing for the holiday?  What did you get or give?