Perhaps it’s because I’m so opinionated, that people ask for my opinion on certain “hot topics.”  Or maybe it’s because I have this space, so friends will sometimes ask how I feel about things like The Biggest Loser controversy or that idiot woman who plastered herself and her children all over the inter webs with the masterful banner of “What’s Your Excuse?”  But, I tend not to give my full opinion on whatever the health and fitness topic of the moment is because A.  A lot of other bloggers and journalists already do it and  B. I don’t want to completely offend anyone.  You know what they say about opinions…

But then I thought,  what good is freedom of speech and having a blog if you can’t have a little fun with it? I decided to put all my opinions of the latest news flashes (and one old one) in one post.  I’m efficient like that.

Here’s a list of what’s trending and what I think of it:

1.  The Biggest Loser:  Are we seriously asking if a contestant of a WEIGHT LOSS COMPETITION lost too much weight?  It’s a TV show where the contestants are supervised every waking moment by doctors.  The competition was to lose more weight then anyone else.  She did.  She looked friggin’ amazing.  She has now gained a few pounds back because the show is over.  Crisis averted.  If it was a man, would we have the same reaction?  Right!

One of these things is not like the other.  One is HEALTHY, the other isn't.

One of these things is not like the other. One is HEALTHY, the other isn’t.

2.  FitBits:  These are the latest craze in tracking your calorie burn and overall fitness.  They are in 2014 what pedometers were in the 90s.  I don’t have one.  I don’t need to track one more thing around here and, if you’re just a little bit obsessive (like I am) this may push you over the edge.  I like them because they have people thinking more about moving more, and that’s always good.  Especially the people who think gardening for an hour is the equivalent to an hour spin class.  They now have concrete data as to why that’s laughable.  I don’t like them because a lot of them are not accurate and they can lead to obsessive behavior by people who probably need to move less!  Proceed with caution here.

For a more in-depth article questioning FitBit obsession, check out this post from Melissa at The Valentine RD.

3.  Maria Kang: She’s the obnoxious woman who posted this:


To me this screams “I need attention,” and “everyone look at me,” which is to say it’s not about us and our excuses, it’s all about her.  Nothing about this is motivating.  Does she look great?  Sure.  Does every mother of three look like this?  No, but is that the ultimate goal?  How do your mom skills look Maria? Your people skills suck leave a lot to be desired.

4.  The Oscars:  No one cares about short film live action, foreign language film, sound, editing or about 10 other similar categories..  The Oscars needs to remember that it’s a TV show which needs ratings.  Give the people what they want!  What we want is to hear speeches from actors we love in movies we’ve actually seen.  Where can you even see these short/foreign films and would you want to?  Give them their own awards night (obviously not televised) and then free up more time for Jared Leto, Lupita Nyong’o, Cate Blanchett and Matthew McConaughey to preach on!  Ok, maybe just Jared and Cate and Lupita.  We also need more live musical performances and Ellen, sans the stupid pizza thing.  Of course, all those snooze-fest awards gave me more time on Twitter during the actual show so…

I dare you to tell me who this guy is.

I dare you to tell me who this guy is.

How about this one?

How about this one?


5.  Cadbury Mini-Eggs:  What?  This isn’t a hot topic with Easter coming and all?  Here’s the thing, one of my very few indulgences are Mini-Eggs.  Milk chocolate mini-eggs.  I don’t even like milk chocolate but there’s something about that crisp sugar shell that I crave every spring.  So imagine my excitement when I saw Cadbury put out a dark chocolate version of the mini-egg!  I thought it was my dream come true, until I ate one.  Anyone want two free bags of dark chocolate mini-eggs?  Yes, I bought two bags.

*Update: the boys discovered the dark chocolate mini-eggs and love them!  One problem solved, many more created.

Your turn!  Give me your opinion on any topic.

Do you have an Easter candy treat you look forward to?