Well, I’m not exactly everywhere but I’m branching out on the inter webs.  It’s your lucky day!

The first place you can find me (after here of course!) is on fitbie.com.  What the hell is a Fitbie?  Well, I’ll tell you.  It’s the very first place I’ve been hired to do freelance writing!  I no longer need to use air quotes when I say I have to work, because I now have a bona fide paying job.  And, I’m actually getting paid to write and write about health and fitness online.  Now if I could just hire a personal chef, housekeeper and and a U.S. Marine to handle my boys, I would be living the dream!


In case you’re wondering, this blog post is a shameless promotion of Fitbie in general and of my articles in particular.  If you want to bail, now is the time.  However, I have two other slightly amazing announcements after the plugs so…you may want to stick around.

In my very first article I actually found something I could DIY – a butt lift.  That’s right, my first online published article was titled: “Get A DIY Butt Lift.”   I was so excited to see my byline that I didn’t even re-read the article until later in the day.  Once I did, I noticed that about halfway through, there was a link that read:  Have Better Sex With Moves From Celeb Trainer Harley Pasternak.  Well, ok then.

My next article was not nearly as salacious, but more along the lines of diet temptations and how to beat them:

The Biggest Diet Temptations May Make You Reevaluate Your Social Life

Basically you should hang out with your fit friends more because they’re not going to order the chocolate molten lava cake with four spoons.  But what fun are they, right?

I would love it if you all follow me on Fitbie by signing up for the online newsletter HERE and follow Fitbie on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook.  If you do, when I’m rich from freelancing, I’ll buy you your choice of services from a housekeeper, chef or Marine.  What you chose to do with the Marine is your business.

In other news…

I’m now a Sweat Pink Ambassador with FitApproach!



What does this mean, exactly?  Fit Approach is a great network of like-minded women who love to sweat and inspire others to do the same.  I love the first couple lines of their mission statement:

“We believe that kicking ass is best done in pretty shoes. We’ve learned that real women sweat, and sweat hard.”

Yep, that’s me.  Plus, they support all kinds of events all over the states and open up opportunities for bloggers to test out the latest in fitness gear, fuel and activities.  Stay tuned for more sweat on these pages.  Only this time it will be pink!

Lastly, there was a little drama surrounding this last one.  Of course.  I applied last November to become a FitFlunetial Ambassador.  I actually think it was the very first “ambassadorship” (besides Runnerbox) that I officially applied for. I meticulously filled out the application and, at the time, had rather dismal numbers on some of  all of my social media platforms and I wasn’t even on Pinterest for God sake!  So, when the ambassadors were announced a few weeks ago and I wasn’t selected, I figured it was because of that.  I was super bummed and I may have checked my email 3,000 times once I saw announcements being made on FB and Instagram.  I had to be sure, of course.

Luckily I confided in one of my best bloggy friends, Melissa from The Valentine RD, about my rejection.  Her response was something like “Oh hell no.  They would be insane not to accept you, check your spam.”  I did and there was nothing.  But, Melissa didn’t give up (even when I had!) and forwarded me an email from the good folks at FitFluential saying some emails bounced back but they’re not sure which ones so if you didn’t hear, send them an email.  I did and they responded that I was in fact accepted and I’m proud to announce:




After all that work, I’m tired.  All this freelancing and chasing down ambassadorships is hard!  But, I will press on to lead, motivate and inspire like I never have before!…right after I take a nap.  Ok, snack first and then a nap and then definitely all the motivation and inspiration I can muster.


Any freelancing advice for me?  What kind of article would you like to see on Fitbie?

If you’re a blogger – what’s the best thing about your ambassadorships?  Which is your fav and why?