That’s right. I’m taking ProCompression socks to a whole new level. I’ve been wearing these babies everywhere and I’ve got some serious knowledge to drop about how I want to turn compression socks into the yoga pant of the active stay-at-home mama world. Are you ready to jump on this wagon? Actually, there is no wagon…at first. You have to run along side it, for at least 4 miles, and then you can put on your compression socks and jump on in! Who’s with me?


Like so many others, I was given an opportunity to review ProCompression socks because of my affiliation with Sweat Pink. In all honesty, I was not sold on the whole compression thing. I know there are a ton of you out there who swear by them, both while running and while, well, decompressing from running. However two things deterred me from compression mania:

1. I did not want to wear long, seemingly hot socks, during the summer (or Spring or Fall for that matter)

2. After my runs, I would usually forget to put them on, or they wouldn’t go with my outfit. #firstworldproblems

When the opportunity for review came up, I decided it was high time I gave these high socks a real chance. I ordered the calf sleeves (since I actually have two pair of the socks!) and laid them out for my morning run. It did not start out well.

I'm hot already.

I’m already hot, and I haven’t gotten out of my driveway.

I decided to wear them on a run, for the first time ever on a very hot day, around 9am. I was hot from the start and, instead of feeling the blissful cushioning of my calves and shins, I only felt heat radiating though my legs, cascading into a bucket of sweat, collecting in my shoes. This was not a fair trial for my socks, but it’s summer and the earliest I can run these days is around 9am because of my spawn. I’m a slave to their schedule and I have to take it when I can get it.

So, I decided to wear them as I first thought I should, which is after a run. Once I created a habit of it, a funny thing happened – – I wanted to wear them all the time. They may feel like suffocation devices to me on a run, but afterward? Heaven. It’s like a massage sleeve for my aching muscles.

As I was traipsing around town in my new found loves, I started to notice the looks and stares. What? Doesn’t everyone wear knee-high black socks with neon detailing on them in the dead of summer?

Yes, this is the cart I use at the grocery store and they were STILL looking at my socks.

Yes, this is the cart I use at the grocery store and they were STILL looking at my socks.


Which prompted me to think of the yoga pants phenomenon.


Somewhere, in 2010 yoga pants became a mommy uniform. There was nowhere they weren’t acceptable – – Target (certainly!), the grocery store, restaurants, amusement parks — basically anywhere, with no yoga studio in a 50 mile radius. No one even notices anymore that a yoga panted-mama is dressed for what should be an hour of downward dogs and other awkward poses, and instead is on the sideline of your kids soccer game…sitting in a foldout chair, reading a Kindle.

Knee high boots not required but nice touch Gwen!

Knee high boots not required but nice touch Gwen!


The pant has become far less about doing yoga and much more about just doing nothing. Hey, they shouldn’t have made them so darn comfy!

My mission, should you chose to accept is, is to make ProCompression socks the Yoga Pant of the “active mommy” generation. Before you get nervous and think you have to run first, fear not! No running required. Just like the yoga panted mommies before us, who certainly did not partake in a yoga class…maybe ever, you need not sweat prior to slipping on your compression.

While writing blog a dress.

While writing blog posts…in a dress. #ImSoFancy

I guarantee that after chasing your kids all day, schlepping them to all their activities, getting the laundry done and the healthiest dinner they will consume made, you too will deserve the serenity of the compression sock. And if you want to throw in a walk or cycle class for good measure then hey, that’s your call.

Driving the boys around...

Driving the boys around…

At my local health food market. Just checking out the chip selection - don't mind me...

At my local health food market. Just checking out the chip selection – don’t mind me…

Getting my hair did...

Getting my hair did…

Now are you getting the idea? With you help, we can start wearing these babies everywhere. Pretty soon, no one will question who the wacky chicks are sporting these things, instead it will be a movement. A wonderful, massaging movement of better, stronger and healthier legs.

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And, for the good people at PRO Compression, I only have one question – – can you make these for my quads?


Are you with me?

Where will you wear your compression socks?