Let’s start with the village idiot, shall we?  She would be the one who gave me the wrong date for my son’s surgery to remove his tonsils and adenoids.  No biggie.  It’s just surgery and he only has a twin brother who needs to be cared for during that time and I only had to scramble to get one fitness class covered, groceries picked-up, blogs written and bags packed.  Not to worry idiot girl, only seven people in my “village” have been inconvenienced by your colossal screw-up.  As long as you’re not put out, don’t worry about it.  Really.  To use a line from my friend at I Like Beer and Babies – you are a douche canoe.


This pretzel is slightly smaller then one of my tonsils.

This pretzel is slightly smaller then one of my tonsils.

Unfortunately, my sons have their mother’s tonsils.  They are enormous and get in the way of ear draining and other little things like sleeping.  The boy’s snoring can wake the dead and they actually stop breathing for short periods during the night before they can catch their breath again.  Obviously this is disruptive to sleep and although they have not been officially diagnosed with sleep apnea, I know they have it.  How do I know?  Because I had it , and when I was about seven, I had the same surgery Miles is about to undergo.  Tonsils and adenoids out, tubes in.  Vaughn may or may not be next.  I have to take this one twin at a time.

I clearly remember my surgery because it was traumatically horrible.  Waking up from the anesthesia and not immediately seeing my mother brought me to tears and when I tried to scream, I threw-up blood.  Wow, there’s a lot of vomit talk on this site lately.  Anyway, my slightly older brother was then snuck into the hospital to see me, probably because he was desperate for my company… or he just wanted to play around with the hospital bed.  While doing so, he accidentally hit the nurse call button and was immediately ejected with my dad.  Busted.

Hopefully, Miles’ stint will be a lot less memorable in that he will probably have no memory of it whatsoever.  I hope that also works for some of the parenting I’ve done thus far.  I don’t think they start remembering meltdowns, errors in judgement serious discipline until age five or six.  I’m going to cling to that.

Poor Miles has been in every walk-in care clinic in the tri-state area for ear infections in the past year and half.  New York during my infamous mommy meltdown?  Yep.  Disney World in Florida?  Almost.  Vermont ski weekend?  Yep.  Bethany Beach summer vacation?  Hells yeah.  So you see, this day has been a long time coming.  Either that kid hates vacation or he needs tubes to help his ears drain.

Just one of many walk-in clinics we've been to.  This one happened to be in NY this past summer.

Just one of many walk-in clinics we’ve been to. This one happened to be in NY over the summer.

The ultimate was this past May when he was hospitalized for three full days because of an ear, sinus and throat infection that started as an ear infection and culminated in him throwing up blood (here we go again!) at 3am and me then rushing him to the emergency room.  Worst.night.ever.

Am I feeling a little vulnerable about all this?  Absolutely.  I actually burst into tears at the gym telling a good friend of mine the whole story.  Moving the surgery up a day was the last straw and no amount of running (of which there was plenty!) was going to help me wrap my head around the fact that my baby will be in surgery.  I know it’s a surgery that is performed millions of times over and shouldn’t be that big of a deal but it is because it’s my son.  

 Part of my fear is that I really don’t know what to expect.  I know that I’ll be sitting in the hospital for the day and possibly spending the night with my second born (by 1 minute) son who is only 4 1/2.

I'm hoping this smile won't disappear for too long.

I’m hoping this smile won’t disappear for too long.

It’s funny that being so strong on the outside is doing nothing for me on the inside.


***Update: The surgery went very well and we did end up spending the night.  Post-surgery post coming soon.  HA!***


Any experienced moms out there with kids having this surgery?  What’s the worst thing about hospitals besides the food?  When was the last time you or your child had to be there?