What does it mean to “Be Mom Strong?”  I’m sure we all have different definitions but Emma and Caitlin are the embodiment of Strong Moms and they love to spread the sweat…err, um wealth!  From playground fitness (wanna be a captain?) to running for Meg’s Miles (Emma is her cousin) these two ladies do it all, with toddlers in tow.  In fact, Emma just announced she’s having baby number two!  These two love to post great workout videos and asked me to play along.  How could I refuse?


Before I was a mom, I was a personal trainer.  I trained a lot of moms.  I thought I understood them because I had young cousins or because some of my friends had kids but, of course, you have no clue what it means to be a mom until you become one!

Join me at Be Mom Strong today to read the rest and check out my kickboxing video – ALL 20 minutes of it.    

You can also find the Cardio Kickboxing video on this site under VITA SWEATS and on my YouTube Channel!