What did we ever do without the internet? There is virtually no question left unanswered these days and no information that cannot be garnared from a quick Google search. In line at Starbucks and want to know the latest on the ebola virus (because that goes well with a latte)? Google it. Getting gas and wondering what your pace per mile needs to be for a sub 1:30 half marathon? Google it. Your kids are wrestling to the death at Target, and you want to pretend they’re not yours? Google something. Anything! (child restraints? nannies? therapists? nearby bars?)


All this information, of course, comes with a price. There are many, many things I wish I didn’t know. Some weeks, the more I read, the more I wish I could go back to 1989, sit on my mom’s lap, and read a Sweet Valley High book.

Instead, here’s a sampling of some of the things I read this week that I really didn’t need to know:

Facebook Apologizes to LGBT Community – Computerworld

Well at least they’re apologizing to someone! Apparently when you use the name ‘Sister Roma’ or ‘Little Miss Hot Mess’ as your legal name, it gets red flagged.

“Drag queens and other members of the LGBT community initially met with Facebook last month after some of their profiles were deleted and then restored, ostensibly because they weren’t using their legal names.”

Oh how I would have loved to see that meeting!

How To Run Faster by Improving Your Mobility – Daily Burn

This was such a well written piece (with video of each move!) by my friend Amanda over at Miss Zippy.  However, if I could only stay ignorant about what I really and truly need to do to get faster, I would feel a lot less guilty when I avoid the improvement of my mobility, and just continue to pound it into the ground! Darn it! If only hour-long massages, wine and pedicures made you faster…

Just working on my speed and mobility..

Just working on my speed and mobility..


9 Things Successful People Won’t Do – Entrepreneur

I almost didn’t even want to read this because I was sure I was doing eight of them. But, the author had me at #1 – They Won’t Let Anyone Limit Their Joy! And then #9 smacked me in the face – – They Won’t Say ‘Yes’ Unless They Really Want To. But it’s sooooo hard to say ‘no!’

The Ugliness of Miss America – Learnist

When I read the opening paragraph…:

“The Miss America contest seems like a bizarre relic, a holdover from another era. With outdated and exclusive rules and controversy, its glory days are long past and it’s time to celebrate and reward women for more than rocking a bikini.”

…I just had to read more. Then I saw this:


Like everything John Oliver does, this piece is hilarious but also has a serious side. You will not believe how they used to (literally) measure the contestants when pageants first began, or what Donald Trump says about beauty. Forget Scandal and Grey’s this is must see TV!

Hope Solo and Domestic Assault Charges – ESPNW

So, we’ve all read (and seen) the atrocities of Ray Rice and Adrian Petersen regarding domestic/child abuse. It’s not pretty, but that type of violence is usually associated with men being violent toward women or children. So what happens when it’s a women doing the hitting? Kate Fagan wrote a few articles on the craziness that is Hope Solo, and the domestic assault charges she faces from assaulting her sister and nephew. The last article Fagan wrote however, was titled Why I Feel Bad About My Last Hope Solo Column and here’s why:

“I feel like my column allowed too many people to reach a quick and easy resolution to a problem that is incredibly complex. (See? Women commit domestic violence, too, so let’s just call it even and get back to watching some football!)”

It made me think, and sometimes, I hate that!

It’s a jungle out there people, and unless you want your eyes to bleed and brain to swirl with nonsense, choose your clicks wisely!

Read anything good on the internet lately?

What’s something you know now, that you wish you didn’t?