I know you probably just resolved to basically not eat in the new year but, that’s insane. Truly. I’m not sure when food became so confusing but the thought of choosing a meal, with the overload of information about what to eat, not eat, what causes cancer, what raises blood pressure, what helps you lose weight, what makes you gain it, what is best to eat before, during and after exercise, is so friggin’ exhausting it’s no wonder the obesity epidemic is only getting worse. #ConfusedandScared

When your head stops spinning, I will continue.


If you have been reading this blog for any amount of time you know that I cook like most people run – with contempt and under duress. I do it because I love to eat but I will find every short cut imaginable to make it less painful.

Enter Chef’d, yet another meal delivery service. Before you start the eye roll or think about skipping this post, let me tell you…

What Makes Chef’d Different

It touts itself as the “first and only meal store” but that’s not what makes it great. This is:

  1. There is no subscription. You order meals when you want, whenever you want, with zero commitment.
  2. The meals (at least the ones I order) are so very easy to make, are absolutely delicious, and the most I had to clean was two pots.
  3. Meals are delivered to your door, on a date you chose, with all the necessary ingredients, pre-portioned and bagged separately for each meal. Even I could figure it out.
  4. Need food for a crowd? They offered complete holiday meals for Christmas, New Year’s Eve, my birthday, whatever. Complete meals people!
  5. They just partnered with Weight Watchers (like a certain mega-celebrity) and are now offering their first subscription plan for WW members. You get a meal, and you get a meal, and you… sorry. Chef’d is now offering a FREE one-moth trial for all members.

I tried Blue Apron before and, although the food was amazing, it took me at least 45 minutes to prepare and by the end I had no less then four pots and pans to wash. Not cool Blue Apron, not cool.

The other thing I love? They have recommend meals from Runner’s World affiliated chefs. Winning.


Ordering Process and Choices

There are tons of choices but it’s not overwhelming. You can sort meals by family friendly, gourmet, vegetarian, and gluten free. You can also view separate food categories like beef, chicken, seafood, etc. It makes for very simple weekly meal planning:

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 2.36.13 PM

Chef’d has partnered with dozens of celebrity chefs and other affiliates, like the Runner’s World chefs, so you can also choose based on the recipe creator:

That high dude with the big knife is super scary.

That huge dude with the big knife is super scary but I bet he can cook like a rock star. PS – I have no clue who any of these “food network stars” are.

What Is In The Box?

You have now placed your order and can chose when it will arrive on your doorstep. It comes in a large, bright orange box and has everything you need to cook each meal you ordered.

Each meal is bagged separately, labeled and makes for a quick and painless box unloading. All meats and/or chicken and fish are packed in ice for a little extra cold factor in case you’re not home when the box arrives.


I think even the boys could figure this out. I should put them to work!

I ordered three meals – The Runner’s World Chicken Stir-Fry, One Pan Orecchiette Pasta and Spice-Rubbed Salmon with Basmati Rice Pilaf.

Each came with it’s own recipe card with step by step instructions that even I could decipher.  Each card also has wine pairing suggestions, a message from the chef about the meal, estimated cooking time, allergens, skill level, spice level and “kitchen 411” which gives you a little history about your dish. I guess foodies care about stuff like that?

I too have a big knife.

I too have a big knife. And notice there was only six steps to this! How easy can it get? And, everyone in the family ate this one…well, not Vaughn but he doesn’t eat anything but apples and goldfish.

How Much Does All This Greatness Cost?

This is the big question, right? I mean, it’s not for me because I would pay an obscene amount of money to make cooking this easy, but I realize that most of you don’t share my distain for slaving over hot ovens every night.

Dinners for two range from $19-$40 per meal

Dinner for four range from $37-$70 per meal

If those numbers look high (which I cannot imagine) think about how much you spend on ingredients or even just your time spent finding a recipe on Pinterest (Lord help you!), making a list and shopping at the super market. Now, think about how much it costs to eat out! And finally, think about how much your sanity is worth. Now go order yourself some easy and delicious food. I’m allowing it.

The RW chicken stir fry was so good I almost didn't take this picture!

The RW chicken stir fry was so good I almost didn’t take this picture! Must.keep.eating.

*I was given an $80 coupon code in exchange for my opinions. My total for three meals ended up costing me a whopping $9 since orders over $40 ship for free. You do not even want to know how much I spend on groceries every week. Let’s just say $90 for three meals is a huge bargain.

How Healthy Is It?

Like everything else, that depends on you. The nutritional information for each dish can be found online by clicking on the recipe and then “nutrition facts.”

This is for the Spiced Rubbed Salmon:

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 3.00.27 PM


The Bad News

There isn’t much, however, the Spiced Rubbed Salmon was given a spice level of “one” but both my husband and I had fire coming out of our mouths. We are wimps when it comes to spicy food (how I’m a Cuban I have no clue!) so I will not order this one again. I could have also left out the red chili flakes and/or cayenne or reduced both. I will use caution next time, no matter the spice rating!

Um let me see…that’s it.

Now if you will excuse me, I’m off to place my order for the week!

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Do you like to cook? What is your secret?

Have you tried delivery meals before? Which ones? What did you think?

Would you order from Chef’d? Why or why not?