Or is it the other way around?  Fitness in general, and running in particular, is such a huge part of my life but it has surprised me in ways I never thought it would.  I’m not talking about winning races, or overcoming training obstacles (although those things have happened and have been surprising!) but so much of what I do in my active life plays a roll in my real, everyday life.

I know ’tis the season for eating, drinking and being lazy; for stuffing yourself at parties and making excuses to not workout because you simply must go shopping for more gifts.  I get it, I really do BUT, besides the obvious perks of a healthy lifestyle like living longer, dropping some weight or getting off those high blood pressure pills, there are a whole slew of other reasons to get and stay active.  Wanna know what they are?


Well, it’s your luck day because Brittany at My Own Balance has provided me with the amazing opportunity to preach to you on her site today!  Where’s Britt you may ask?  Oh just living it up in Australia with her entire family for the holidays.  She suffers, she really does…just not now or for the next few weeks.  Seriously though, Britt is awesome or else I would not have jumped at the chance to write for her while she was away.  We love a lot of the same things but she’s a very creative chef of all things healthy and delicious, she and her husband travel to amazing places and always take great pics for the rest of us to drool over and (the part I’m most envious of!) is all the cool fitness activities she partakes in, in the great city of NY.  Trapeze? Yes.  SUP? Yep. Underwater spin class? Oh yeah, she’s been there done that.

Ok, enough about her, I’m sure she’s not thinking about us while she’s sipping wine at the Sydney Opera House!  But, she’s probably thinking about doing something active, so let’s get back to why you should too: