As a mom to six year-old twins who are beginner readers, it pains me to spell words like the one in my title incorrectly. In fact, I don’t hide my frustration when the kids are reading something (which is everything these days!) and they don’t know the word “night” because it’s spelled “nite.”

But, I own this space, which no child should ever read, and my reasoning behind the hideous spelling is because I’m talking ELECTROLYTES today and yes, they really can light up your running life.


I have sung the praises of EnduroPacks in this space before, as they helped me recover faster after starting one of the most rigorous training regimens of my career – the World Championship Duathlon in Spain. We all know how well that turned out so I don’t have to sell you on the product. However, if you need more then my word, you can ask elite Saucony runner Tina Muir, who doesn’t train without their products.

Racing to the finish of the 2014 World Championship Duathlon race in Ponteverdre, Spain.

Racing to the finish of the 2014 World Championship Duathlon race in Ponteverdre, Spain.

My interest in EnduroPacks was rekindled after the debacle that was the New York City Marathon. As you may recall, I figured out why I hit the wall so very hard at mile 19. Lack of electrolytes. One small mistake screwed up a major race goal and turned 26.2 miles into a death march.

The people at EnduroPacks used my NYC marathon story as a cautionary tale on their blog. Not exactly how I want to be recognized but, if it helps someone else then it was all worth it. Ok, not really but you get what I’m trying to say.

Don’t make the same mistakes I did!

What Are Electrolytes?

Electrolytes are minerals found in bodily fluids and, at the right levels, keep muscles functioning properly.

Runners mostly lose these precious minerals (mainly sodium and potassium) though sweat and need to replace them. They are most commonly replaced with sugary drinks like Gatorade or Body Armour, by many runners or recreational athletes.

If you have an electrolyte imbalance, it can lead to this:

Electrolytes prevent this.

Electrolytes prevent this.

What Are the Benefits of Electrolytes?

What they say: “Supports blood flow and muscle contraction.”

What it means: Your muscles won’t cramp when you need them most, say in the last 7 miles of a huge marathon.


What they say: “Proper brain function”

What it means: You will be able to think clearly toward the end of a race or hard training session and make good decisions like to press on or cut it short. You can also probably more clearly calculate if you’re going to PR or not, toward the end of a race. < – – I can never seem do this even if I’m swimming in electrolytes. 


What they say: “Facilitates energy production”

What it means: You will have the energy to train hard for consecutive days, recover better in between hard training sessions, and race well on the day of the big event. < – – I mostly found that I was able to recover quicker in between hard efforts. 


What they say: “Enhances the body’s digestion of vitamins, minerals and proteins.”

What it means: Your stomach won’t cramp and you won’t have to use every port-o-john from the start of the race to the finish. Or the woods. You will also have more pairs of gloves. < – – if you’re not a long distance runner you may not understand that one. Let’s just say in the winter there are no available leaves to use as toilet paper.

I keep it in my in box so I remember to spray it into my water!

I keep it in my in box so I remember to spray it into my water!

Benefits of EnduroPacks Electrolyte Spray

It’s portable. Tina Muir told me she even sticks the bottle in her shorts during races so she can spray some as needed though out a race. Genius!

It’s sugar-free. I cannot stand the sweetness of most sports drinks especially since I’m usually already taking in sugary Gu’s or Cliff shots. It’s sweetness overload which leads to a pretty angry stomach. With the spray, you just spray 10 times into your water bottle and hardly notice it’s in there. #LikeMagic

It lasts. One bottle contains 30 servings!

So, do you want one? Did I mention it has a $26.50 value?


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I was given two bottles of electrolyte spray from the good people at EnduroPacks (one to keep and another to give to you!) but even they are a little embarrassed about all the honest praise I bestow upon them. Obviously all opinions are my own.

Do you train with electrolytes? Have you ever used Enduropacks products?

Do you get frustrated by words spelled incorrectly for “fun?”