When I first started running I never wore sunglasses. Way back then I was overly concerned about how I looked and not at all concerned about my eye health. It wasn’t until I started cycling on the regular that I realized how helpful (and necessary) sunglasses are on both the ride and run. It also helped tremendously that they went from looking like this:

To this:

My love of sunglasses for running and cycling has grown over the years and I have tested and tried many different kinds. I’ve also spoken with sunglasses reps and salespeople for various articles I’ve written and have been blown away by the technology used in so many products today. If you haven’t upgraded your specs in a while, now is your chance:

ROKA | Phantom C3 | $275

I find these are the best for running because they are lightweight, stay in place, don’t fog up (even in this God awful humidity we’re having!) and are not too dark so you can still see where all the potholes are. Plus, they look cool as hell and I wear them when I’m not running too:

“Running” to and Orangetheory class last month.

TIFOSI | Crit | $79.95

Tifosi was the very first brand of cycling glasses I owned and I have had at least one pair for the past 7 years. Most come with interchangeable lenses which are useful for varying cycling terrain and weather patterns. I have to say that I leave my rose-colored ones in most of the time since that’s the way I want to see my cycling world. However, I would definitely NOT wear this pair anywhere but on the bike:

Which is why I also have this pair at $49.95:

All bundled up and ready to run!

xx2i Optics | France 2 Crystal Green Flash | $59.99

I was sent a pair of these because they are the official eyewear of USA Triathlon and, after wearing them on the bike and run, I know why! They are hands down the most comfortable sunglasses I own, never slip or fog and have changeable colors and lenses. I mean, really – – what else could I ask for? Ok so I can’t (or won’t) wear them anywhere but on the bike and run but I kind of like it that way.

Cycling in Cuba with my xxi2 optics!

ZEAL | Magnolia | $149

Although I don’t have a pair of these I was super impressed with this company’s philosohy when I spoke with a ZEAL rep for an article I wrote. I’m sure you (and my husband) will agree that I have enough pairs of sunglasses for now but, I thought these were worth mentioning, even though I haven’t tested them.

The guiding philosophy of ZEAL is use less, give back, explore more and itโ€™s lived out loud. Their offices are zero percent waste in partnership for a clean environment and the open front space of their headquarters is reserved for community events, held 2-3 times per month, where they work with various non-profit organizations.

Whether or not you believe the actual scientific facts about global warming, buying a pair of ZEAL shades could actually make the world a better place.

No matter what you chose to wear for your outdoor rides and runs make sure you wear something! Not only do sunglasses protect your eyes from harmfulย UVB and UVA rays they also prevent you from squinting and scrunching up your face which creates extra tension and uses precious energy.ย 

Stay cool out there my friends.

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Do you wear sunglasses for running or riding?

How many pairs do you have?