It seems we are on a never ending quest for magical powers. In a world that moves fast and with immediate gratification (Amazon Prime anyone?) we seek out the same in our physical selves. Who doesn’t want to lose weight, set a PR, be stronger, achieve extreme flexibility and have a perfect diet just as quickly as possible?

Every single company out there knows about this obsession and will gladly market their goods to manipulate every fear and emotion tied to these things, all while actually creating the very world where that insecurity is reinforced, until we are willing to pay any amount of money to achieve what is unachievable. At least in a 24 hour time frame.

Magic in the Miles

A lot of people ask me offline if I truly believe in a product or service I’m touting in this space. My answer is always an unequivocal “Yes!” because if I don’t use it or feel good about the company or their product or services, it will never make it onto my blog. You have my word on that.


I do not believe in a magic pill.

I do not believe that one product will make you stronger, better, faster, thinner or more flexible, all on its own.

I do not believe in a one-size fits all diet, training program or product.

I do not believe in taking the easy way out.

I do not believe the hype.

In my everyday training life I use products like BeetBoost, Enduropacks and, I’ve recently made changes to my diet to make my body more metabolically efficient.

I use BeetBoost because I’m a horrible hydrator, I can understand every ingredient on the package and I like the taste. That’s it. The web site claims BeetBoost can increase mental clarity, energy and stamina and, I’m positive they have all kinds of scientific evidence to back up those claims but, that’s not why I use the product nor did I expect a huge and immediate boost in my energy, stamina or mental clarity after drinking 12 ounces. I do expect that over time, eating and drinking it will improve my overall training effect.


Adding it to protein bars can only improve what is already something good for me – peanut butter, honey, dates, oats and almonds.

I can say the exact same thing about Enduropacks. I use their system when I’m in a heavy training cycle (like training for triathlon nationals) to help with recovery. I’m turning 41 in two weeks and I will give my body every possible advantage it can get. Does that mean if I stopped taking it I wouldn’t recover after hard efforts? Of course I would but, I do believe in the product giving my body an internal boost. After I started taking it in 2014 I noticed I was recovering quicker and able to handle five days of two plus hour training sessions better. #selfexperimentation

That time after running NYC I let them use me as an example of what NOT to do!

That time after running NYC I let them use me as an example of what NOT to do!

Is foam rolling by itself a “magic bullet?” How about compressions socks? Maximalist running shoes? Minimalist? Fitness trackers are great if you’re actually doing the fitness, and a GPS watch is an amazing technological tool that I wouldn’t want to live without, but did the day I bought my very first Garmin transform me into a better athlete? Hell no.

So, why use any or all of these things if I don’t really believe in them? Because I believe in myself.

I believe that consistency in training will make me stronger, faster and better over time.

I believe that pushing just a little more with each workout will help me reach my goals.

I believe in experimenting with fitness, food and fashion.

I believe the promise of my kids at a finish line can create a PR.

I believe in listening to my body.

I believe in easy days and rest days with my whole heart and soul.

I believe that everything I need to succeed, I already have.

I believe I AM the magic bullet.

What do you believe?


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