You may have noticed something different about me. I haven’t gained weight or gotten taller or grown my hair out to a “respectable” length. Oh no, it’s something far more important. My hands have stopped freezing off and have the simplest ability to text, tweet, take photos and post from my phone in a flash! What are these miracle mittens of which I speak? TrailHeads PowerStretch Convertible Mittens of course. Get some!


Not only have these become my go-to mittens for running but I find myself putting them through the wash as quickly as possible afterward so I can wear them everywhere! I also put them in the dryer (because I put everything in the dryer) and they come out just as they went in. The only hiccup is, since they have magnets in the thumbs, they get attached to the top of the dyer. The first time I put them in there, I thought they vanished along with so many socks, until I looked up and they were hanging like two little bats from the top of the drum. Crisis averted.


I’m not the only one who has fallen for these mittens. Tina Muir over at Fuel Your Future with Tina has also endorsed them as a hand warmer of choice. She’s an elite runner so, I would follow her advice. Who knows? These puppies may even make you faster.

Enough about Tina and I. Let’s dish about these mittens and why they are infinitely better then the ones you have:

1. They’re convertible! They go from mitten to fingerless gloves faster then the Kardashian’s get divorced. This feature comes in handy when you need to use your phone (which you obviously do, when getting kids in and out of car seats, when eating on the go and after your hands get all toasty about two miles into your run.

2. They Have A Thumb Feature! Not only can you expose the tops of all four fingers, the thumb has a separate piece you can flap back. It stays put because it’s magnetized. Are the people at TrailHeads geniuses or just real people who totally get why you need this? Both!


3. They’re Affordable! My husband will tell you that I don’t look at prices. I couldn’t tell you what a box of cereal cost if I had a gun to my head. However, I will go back and check how much I paid for something if it sucks. These gloves go for $30. I also have a giveaway and discount but just stay with me here. Other convertible gloves, that may or may not be as good as these, retail for $35 and up. No thumb feature. No magnets. No half-finger glove option. No deal!

Lastly, don’t forget what amazing human beings the married couple that owns TrailHeads are. They are way better people then me and definitely use their powers for good. How? They have been married for 9 years and have two kids, they work from solar-powered offices and donate 3% of all sales to three different charities. So, you can basically think of your purchases as saving the planet…or at least making it a better place. Haven’t given back for #givebackTuesday? Here’s your chance…



Now, to win a free pair of the TrailHeads PowerStretch Convertible Mittens enter the giveaway below:

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If you don’t win you can still save 20% on the mittens! How? Buy purchasing a Goodbye Girl Ponytail Hat! As another added bonus – the hats are on sale for $17. Let’s recap – $17 Goodbye Girl Ponytail Hat and 20% off the Convertible Mittens. Is that now two items off your holiday shopping list? Only if you don’t buy them for yourself.

What is your favorite winter accessory?

How would you use convertible mittens?