It’s hump day and that means it’s time for another pacing experience courtesy of a new runner. Ohhhh ahhhhh. As an old runner (in every possible way) I love when someone I know gets interested in running and racing. Actually, that’s a lie. I like it when only certain people get interested in racing and Nellie of Brooklyn Active Mama is absolutely one of them.


Now, to understand this better, you must know that Nellie is my sister from another mister. We instantly clicked over the blogosphere and the first time we met in person, we hugged for 8 minutes. And it wasn’t even a little weird.


This was like our third get together last fall! I see Nellie (who obviously lives in Brooklyn) more then some of my friends here in CT!

This was like our third get together last fall! I see Nellie (who obviously lives in Brooklyn) more then some of my friends here in CT! Sorry, not sorry.

Just when I thought I couldn’t love Nellie any more, she declared she wanted to start running and she signed up for the Disney Princess half-marathon. I cried quiet tears of joy, while loudly encouraging her in every possible way. Nellie has been running for exactly one year and (warning!) you’re going to feel incredibly inadequate after you read about all she has accomplished in that year, in the best way possible of course, because you can’t help but love Nellie. Ga ‘hed, try.


1. What is your favorite distance?

My favorite race distance is the half marathon*.  Not sure why really but I feel the most accomplished when I finish one! I have been running now for less than a year, my previous (and current) fitness loves include spinning and Zumba.

*I’m not sure if I can have a favorite at less than a year running? (yes, you can! I will allow it)


BLING!…and a customized bib. See? She’s already a big deal!

2. What is your pace for that distance/ PR if you want to share?

Usually around 12:45 (and up!) my PR is 2:44 at the beautiful Trenton Half Marathon. It was my first “cold” race so I was happy!

3. Do you have a pre-race ritual? Do you plan your outfit, meal, sleep, etc the night before or the morning of?

I plan every single article of clothing in one pile in my guest room.  If I don’t disaster ensues. My meals vary. I try to have an awesome breakfast but most times it ends up being nothing.

(Nothing??? OMG Nellie!! WTH? We must discuss this offline)

 4. Where do you line up at the start? Front, back or somewhere in the middle?

Closer to the back for sure. I am a proud back of the packer! It’s not so intense and you make friends quickly. With all the respect to all of you competitive gals, we have a good time back there–at least I do! At the Philly Half we (Black Girls Run!) chatted, laughed and prayed before the race. It was quite the experience and it helped me to rid my nerves before the race.

Yes, that is the Quick rabbit. Get it?

Yes, that is the Quick rabbit. Get it?

5. What happens during the race? Is the vibe relaxed, tense, do people run the whole time or walk? Is there crowd interaction? Do you hear a lot of GPS watches beeping? Do people text or take pictures? Do you fuel?

All the questions Allie! (I know, sorry but people need these details!) The vibe back by me is very chill. We are all “serious” about our run but the intensity is not there. I run walk and most around me do too. There will be selfies. 🙂 I totally take pictures because the one things love about running is the ability to see nature at its best. Plus–I want the memories. There is definitely crowd interaction. I give a high five to whomever wants one and thank everyone for the cheering that they do! (That is so awesome and I wish I could breathe enough to do this too!)

Usually I don’t hear garmins beeping because my BEATS BY DRE are usually blasting some kind of crazy rap (or pop–no discrimination here folks) in my ears. Although I kept the volume low at the princess half and heard garmins beeping everywhere!

Beats raring to go!

Beats raring to go!

6. What happens at the finish? Gasping for air? Hugging friends, family? Is it crowded? Do you head for the food tent? Take selfies?

At the finish usually I am incredibly happy it’s over. I hug my Black Girls Run! Sisters and wait until the last sister has crossed the finish line. I take allllll the selfies and grab a bagel of course for my empty tummy.

7. What do you do when you get home? Ice bath? Massage? Foam roll? Wine? Cheeseburger? Sleep?

I usually try to nap right away because my head hurts terribly after longer races, then I foam roll because I have so many other things to do during the week like Bodypump, spin and of course teach Zumba! I LOVE running but I love everything else too!

The race that launched many others - Disney Princess Half - DONE!

The race that launched many others – Disney Princess Half – DONE!

Now that you’re in love with Nellie, as I said you would be, you’ll want to hang in all the places she does:

Twitter: @BklynActiveMama

Instagram: glamnellie

Facebook: Brooklyn Active Mama


Do you have race experiences like Nellie?

What do you listen to while you run? Drive? Dance? (come on, you know you dance alone sometimes!)