Who the hell doesn’t need more energy?  No one I know.  It seems as though everywhere I go there are people big (at the gym) and small (at my house) whining about not having enough energy.  Wether it’s lack of sleep, not enough exercise, too much exercise or just ridiculous amounts of stress – if it’s energy you’re selling, then most people want IN!

It’s easy enough to find in a variety of sources…there’s just one catch – most all of it isn’t healthy.  Get high on life I say!…or endorphins!  But truly, the closer I get to 40 the more coffee I’m drinking to chase down my twin 4 year-olds after my 10 miler.  I’ve seen all the different caffeine loaded sodas, shots of energy and aisles of pills at the local pharmacy boasting the promise of the coveted energy we all seek, yet I wouldn’t put any of that shit into my body when I work so hard to keep it a temple…unless you count the occasional Red Bull I put into my Vodka but that is quite rare.  Really.  It is.

After wading through all this nonsense, a new product was brought to my attention.  Now, I’m a complete skeptic.  I don’t believe in aliens or Bigfoot or that energy will sprout from your ass if you drink 17 gallons of green tea a day.  What I do believe in, is what I’ve tried (and have been willing to try) for myself.

Cute packaging...because that's important when we're talking energy!

Cute packaging…because that’s important when we’re talking energy!


Enter ENERGY bits.  Yep, just a bit.  Which is actually a tad misleading because you need to take 30 at a time.  I know, believe me, I know!  At first I balked at the idea of scoffing down 30 of these puppies…but then I started to read the literature.

“Taking ENERGYbits is like having a nutritionally supercharged salad.  The only difference is our bits don’t require any cooking or clean up and 1,000 times more nutrition!”  Holy crap!  I actually hate eating salad (almost as much as I hate cooking) and 1,000 times more nutrition?  I’m now envisioning the commercial where you have to eat like 80 bowls of “your cereal” to equal one bowl of Total.  Remember those?  Ok, I digress…

This is 30 bits of energy.  Bottoms up!

This is 30 bits of energy. Bottoms up!

So I gave them to my guinea pig husband to try first….because he will eat anything especially if there is a promise of energy.

Whatever.  Just give me 'em.

Whatever. Just give me ’em.

So after his brutal workout at the gym he reported back with “I think I had a little boost.”  Wow.  If that’s not a seller, I don’t know what is!  Geesh!!!  So obviously, I then had to try them myself before a 30 mile bike ride.  The true test!!

Little do you two know, I've taken ENERGY bits and I'm going to leave you in my dust!

Little do you two know, I’ve taken ENERGY bits and I’m going to leave you in my dust!

The result?  I’m not sure they gave me any huge boost but I’m not sure they’re supposed to either.  I can tell you that I didn’t have my usual GU gel on the ride and I wasn’t starving when I got off the bike like I usually am.  Was it a placebo effect?  Maybe.  But, back to the good points:

– You can put them in a smoothie!  I LOVE this option!!

– They are 100% natural algae – no chemicals, caffeine, sugar or any artificial substances

– They only have ONE ingredient – organically grown spiraling algae that is vegan, raw, 100% NON-GMO

– Just one measly calorie per tab

– And the company is based in Boston which is near and dear to my heart

Will I continue to take ENERGY bits?  Yep.  I would rather throw them in a smoothie before a long run then take GU during the run.  I also like that they’re 100% natural and I can’t say that about the bars or protein shakes I eat on the go.

Give ’em a try!  You have nothing to lose…except 10% on an order when you enter the code BLOG into their coupon box: http://www.energybits.com

So hop on over and get yourself a bit of energy.  You look tired.


Note: I was given 75 ENERGY bits but no other compensation.  All the opinions expressed on my blog are 100% my own!