I go back and forth with listening to music while training these days. I was never a huge music connoisseur to begin with and, as I get older, I enjoy the sound of silence more and more. But, the power of music to help push though a hard run or training session, cannot be denied! I mean, I do have a waterproof iPod! I’ve also talked many times about how much I love just the right song at just the right time and, lamented how 50 Cent may never know how much he has influenced my athletic career. *sigh*


What I don’t love is spending time and money making playlists, especially when I need to fill more then an hour of running time. At a $1.29 per song, with 20 songs per hour, that’s over $25! For one playlist.

Recently, I was given an opportunity to try out a new and different music solution, made and marketed especially for runners.

Let’s discuss…


Touted as a “rhythm fueled music service and exercise tracker,” Spring Moves does quite a few things – it’s detects your running cadence, creates a playlist to match it and also tracks your run distance and pace! The music is selected by professional DJs and runners…and some professional running DJ’s.

The Set-Up

The set-up is incredibly easy and the only way I will use something since ‘aint nobody got time for dat! You simply create a login account, chose the music genres you enjoy most (which you can update at anytime), select the activity you will be doing for the day (run, walk, dance, cycle, twerk) and then begin. You need to hold your phone for the first few steps so the device can detect your cadence or, you can choose it prior to beginning, if you happen to know that sort of thing. After that, you can store your phone and run to the music as it rhythmically guides you along.

If you’re running outside, you can activate the GPS by allowing it to locate you, and then get pace and distance updates while you run and a summary when you are finished.

What I Love About Spring Moves

The Music!

Obviously this needs to be at the top of the list. I tend to be kind of picky when it comes to my running tunes so my bar was set pretty low in terms of expectations. Well, I was super surprised to find out that not only was the music GREAT but I actually heard some new stuff that I loved!

My original playlist for a short, easy run. Loved it!

My original playlist for a short, easy run. Loved it!

The other mind-blowing thing? You can email a real human at Spring Moves and ask to have music added to the library and, if they can, they will.

During your run or walk if you hate the song, just skip to the next. Afterward, you can rate each song and choose to keep it in rotation. As you can see in the above picture, you can also chose to share some of the data.

The People!

Spring Moves is an adorable start-up in a way that I feel Apple once was. The people there could not be nicer, more knowledgeable or helpful when it comes to thier product and services (see music requests above). I’m 100% certain that if I ever have an issue, they will be happy to resolve it and, probably compensate me in some way for my trouble.

“Spring Moves is the world’s first musical energy company. We believe that music and technology can improve lives. We make people live better by working out better. Our mission is to realize human potential through the power of music and technology. Our first product – the Spring app (iOS) – is a rhythm fueled music service and exercise tracker. Think Pandora meets Fitbit. The Spring app launched in October 2014 and has been downloaded by 300,000 walkers, runners and bikers. It has been featured by Apple, LA Times, Elle Magazine, Women’s Health, Runner’s World and others.”

Did I mention this headphones?

Street cred.

If you select the yearly subscription (after your 30 day free trial of course!) you get these headphones along with your $39.99 payment. #streetcred

How about a one-month free trial by clicking HERE?

What I Don’t Love As Much

You know I’m always incredibly honest, sometimes to a fault, so here it is:

  1. You have to use Spring Moves with your phone so that means you need to take your phone with you on your runs. #NotAFan
  2. I can pair my watch with my phone to control the music but, if you don’t have that capability, you need to have access to your phone so you can skip a song if you don’t like it.
  3. When they say a playlist is explicit, they mean it. You know I don’t shy away from good shit talk and, let’s face it, heavy swearing is a part of a lot of great songs, however some of the rap music had my jaw dropping, which is not easy to do so, maybe this should be in the “what I love” category? #YouHaveBeenWarned

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 2.32.19 PM

The Power of Cadence

First of all, cadence refers to how many times your feet strike the ground in one-minute. Your height, weight, leg and stride length will determine what your target cadence should be but, everyday runners generally fall between 160-170 with elites clocking in at 180 or higher. You can find out yours by your smart watch data (check again it’s probably there) or by simply counting how many times your right foot hits the ground in one minute, then multiply it by two.

Why is it important? You want to get your feet off the ground as quickly as possible. The faster your cadence the less injury you incur, the faster you become and the better you will feel.

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 2.34.48 PM

These are also great articles about cadence, why it’s important and how you can improve it. They all have one thing in common – – they talk about how you should either get a metronome app (OMG boring!) or download music to fit the pace you need to attain:

3 Ways to Increase Running Cadence | Comeptitor.com

Efficient Running Cadence | womensrunning.com

How to Boost Your Cadence | Runner’s World

The Price

This is most important right? How much is this going to cost and is it worth it? Well, first of all you have a 30 day free trial to determine both, second of all, it’s pretty inexpensive and comes with swag:





Don’t forget to download your first free month HERE and then send thank you gift cards and baskets to my home address.

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What do you listen to when you workout?

Will you try this? Why or why not?