What an announcement, right?  Welcome back to 2010 my friends!  I may as well write a post about just discovering hand sanitizer!  I’ve said it before that I’m not a trendsetter, and joining Pinterest is no exception.


Now, I may be a little slow on the uptake but once I “take?”  I’m all over it.  You just wait – I will be pinning and creating boards and, um…errr, whatever the hell else you do out there, on the only speed I know – fast!  Fortunately, I’m a quick study and this is what I’ve learned so far:

1.  Tamara, Janine, The Dose Girls and Michelle are really big deals out there.  Damn ladies!  When there’s a comma involved with the number of people who follow you, that’s like another dimension of super social-mediadom that I know nothing about.  Teach me your ways sensei.

2.  You need to make the cover of your boards visually appealing.  Eye candy.  I get it.

Is this good for my "running shoes" board?  Too much?

Is this a good image for my “running shoes” board? Too much?

3.  You can organize and categorize everything!  There’s 357 boards for what essentially is all FITNESS – workouts, activity, health, get your sweat on, 30/20/10/5 minute workouts – and only one beautifully universal word for COCKTAILS.  Oh Pinterest you are a mysterious temptress!


Obviously I’m still working on setting up boards and pinning however, before I get too carried away, I need to know what not to do!  I mean, that is way more important – don’t you think?  Remember all those people who announced illicit affairs or their money laundering activity all over FB thinking it was a “private message?”  Right.

What I really need is help with etiquette.  I actually need help with that in all facets of my life but let’s focus here people!  First of all please FOLLOW ME…and I will follow back.  Second, tell me everything you need to know (or maybe just one thing) about pinning, re-pinning, commenting, boards – whatever silent rules there are to the Pinterest gang – I need to know!


Any and all Pinterest related advice is welcome!  Is there one thing you wish you didn’t do on Pinterest?