Is there nothing more pathetic then a sick athlete?  Maybe a sick stay-at-home-mom?  How about when you’re both?  When I’m sick (which is now twice in six weeks people!) I long for the days when I was a kid with a mom.  If you know me at all then you know my mom died when I was 17 so I miss her every single day.  But, when you’re sick, and now have your own kids to take care of – not to mention all the wallowing in self-pity that needs to be done – you really miss someone taking care of you!

I’m extremely lucky in that my aunt swooped in, as she tends to, and sent me this text after picking the boys up at school while I went to the doctor:



I mean, really?  Everyone should have an Auntie Carla in their lives.

So, without the kids, and after fitful on and off sleep where I woke-up freezing and then sweating, I had time to think about all the training I was missing!  Be it sick or injured – every athlete out there know what I’m talking about.  To calm myself I read THIS post from Miss Zippy who is actually dealing with a two week hiatus – and quite well I may add!  After that I thought, surely I can deal with four measly days of only sweating because my body is fighting a ridiculous virus right?  Shouldn’t I channel all my energy into that?  YES!

All the things a good sick bedside table needs.  UGH!

All the things a good sick bedside table needs. And, that picture of mom is always there.  I like to see her first thing in the morning.

I’m so delusional that I actually thought I would be able to will myself into feeling better.  I absolutely did not want to admit that I needed a sub for my 9:30am spin class Tuesday morning because that would mean utter defeat.  So, after eating a hearty lunch of three clementines, Gartorade and a smattering of Saltines and realizing I was barley able to stay conscious through Ellen  I decided I had better call for reinforcements for class.  Turns out the Y does not shut down when I’m sick and I was able to get an actual good nights sleep.

Now, after four days of sickness and zero running, biking or swimming, I’m left to ponder some reasons why I got sick:

1.  I’m stressing myself out about training and trying to do too much too soon.

2.  I’m not washing my hands before I go to the bathroom, only after…and then 900 times the rest of the day NOT including washing dishes and all the plastic cups the boys use throughout the day, which adds up to 220 more times.

3.  I had a long week of training and then, on a date night with hubs on Friday, I had a martini and a glass of wine.  Clearly all that freedom and alcohol make your chest go into spasm.

4.  I took the kids to a bounce house place last week which is basically the equivalent of licking the floor of a preschool during flu season.

5.  Because of the Polar Vortex we have all been sucked into I was forced to run almost exclusively inside for 10 days and therefore did not get my weekly allotment of fresh air!

Whatever the reason, I hope that I’m now on the mend and I’m really hoping this is it for the winter colds for me!

One positive thing that’s come from this is that I’m able to do my Spanish lessons with zero background noise and my “new” deep and scratchy cold voice seems to be picked up better by that pesky Rosetta Stone microphone.  Who knew?  !Adios!

P.S. – I realize my link to my link up was not working for half the day Monday, but it’s now up and running so please link up your Rundown post here or I will cry and probably stay sicker for longer.

What remedies do you have for staying healthy in the winter?  Flu shot or no?