When I fist thought about starting to write a health and fitness blog I Googled something like “best health and fitness bloggers,” since I wanted to see what the top dogs were up to, and build from there. Guess who came up first? Carla Birnberg! I was fascinated with her blog, her writing, her fitness, all of it. I remember thinking I would have to work my ass off to accomplish half of what she has, and today I feel like I reached the illustrious halfway goal (way to shoot for the stars!) because I’m a guest on her site!

Here is the short list of why all who know Carla, love Carla:

She is unapologectically herself (it says so right on her home page!)

She is the biggest supporter of all health & fitness bloggers. And when I say “support” I mean genuine, I’m here for you, what else can I help you with, kind of support. And she doesn’t even care how many unique visitors your blog page has. (sorry non-bloggers, inside joke)

She keeps it real. That is my number one criteria for following and reading. Carla is the real deal Holyfield.


A few weeks ago she posted about quality vs quantity and asked our humble opinions about which matters most and why. As some of you know, I was knee-deep into my 40 days of less until I turn 40 experiment so my focus was clear – QUALITY.

If you ask me what I want for my upcoming 40th birthday, I probably would respond by telling you everything I don’t want:

To be diagnosed with, and eventually die from, ovarian cancer like my mom when she was in her forties

To start feeling, being, thinking, looking like a 40 year old (whatever that means!)

To get a colonoscopy

This started me thinking about what else I could do without in my new decade:

Toxic friendships





Read the rest over at Carla’s site! Come on, it’s just a click away