I had a lot of questions. When you have anxiety and are type A, you usually have a lot of questions before you embark on a new adventure.

You may recall that while I was in New Hampshire for most of the summer my husband and two boys did a ropes course.

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I stayed on the ground because I wanted to hover watch the boys and make sure they didn’t fall three feet onto the ground. We said we would return and do it again but, of course, we never did. Shortly after I came home I received an invite to experience the Go Ape Ropes Course and Zip Line in Connecticut. I figured it was meant to be and I immediately said yes.

I also got to bring a friend who happens to be the Fitness Director at the YMCA where I teach spin.

We're smiling because we're still on the ground!

We’re smiling because we’re still on the ground!

Question 1: How did I get up here?

There’s a lot of equipment and at first it’s overwhelming! A very patient instructor guides you though everything you need to know to survive, while you’re still on the ground. You practice all the clips and pulleys and what order they go in. They even give you great ways to remember how to stay alive like “Be greedy with green!” Meaning, when there’s a green clip, you put it on first and take it off last.

The harness was as uncomfortable as it looks.

The harness was as uncomfortable as it looks.

Somewhere in all this training, I started getting nervous.

Once we starting climbing, I got really nervous. The first “testing” spot had us swinging through the air like Tarzan. Seriously.



Question 2: How do I cross this one?

You’re so focused on not plummeting to your death (or maybe that was just me) that once you have a chance to focus on the task at hand, you have to pause and figure out how the hell you’re going to do it!

I seriously felt like a very bad, uncoordinated version of American Ninja warrior. The 10 year old that was in our group was killing it and I was screaming like a crazy person. And my “friend” is taunting me.


Question 3: Am I having fun?

Somewhere between getting the courage to jump off the platforms for the zip line and rope swings, and making sure seven times over that my clips were in fact clipped, I started becoming less afraid and starting having a blast!

Doesn't this look like fun?

Doesn’t this look like fun?

Question 4: What would I do differently next time?

When (not if) I go again I would:

Be less afraid and be more daring! The worst that can happen is I fall into my harness…which is pretty fun.

Wear gloves! My hands are killing me. There is a reason climbers have serious grip strength – ouch.

Take more time. We went at a comfortable pace and, from instructions to finish time, it took us around two hours. I would love to take it in more and spend more time out there. The course is amazing and the setting was gorgeous!



Bring more friends! We had a blast and laughed so much that I know it would be even better with a group.

Go out afterward. You’re on an adrenaline rush when you finish and have so many stories and pictures to swap, plus you just had a workout so obviously you need a drink.

Question 5: Is this the longest zip line in Connecticut?

Why yes, yes it is:


Question 6: Is there one near me?


The location in CT is the 11th one Go Ape has opened! Check the web site for one near you and tell them Allie sent you. Well, maybe hold off on that as there was a lot of screaming on my part.

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 2.58.36 PM

If you found a location close by, or if you live in CT:

Click on the link below and ENTER TO WIN A FREE DAY PASS worth $55.00 

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They also have Treetop Junior Adventure at their Virginia location, for kids 3-12, if they meet the height and weight requirements.

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Have you ever done a zip line or ropes course? Would you?

Which video of me is the most ridiculous? I know it’s hard to chose just one…