I recently took a course in feature writing through Gotham Workshop. It was an excellent online class that I would highly recommend. In one the lectures, the professor asked us to type out a passage from a favorite piece of literature and then had us write what lesson could be learned from the author. When he commented on my homework, he revealed that the ultimate goal was to learn to read good writing because your writing will only ever be as good as what you read. Interesting.


Being a writer, I read a lot. I always have. I love reading other blogs, online newspapers and magazines and good old fashioned books. Ok, so I read them electronically, whatever. The point is now I’m a little more discerning with what I read or how much time I spend reading crap. Now, let’s not confuse reading about crap (Lena Dunham Poses in Sports Bra, Small Pants Encourages Women to Be “Strong and Happy”) with actual bad writing because there’s a huge difference.

Today I wanted to share with you some of my favorite readings lately. I tried to break them down into neat little categories because it suits my Type A so you can find what you like and leave the rest. Think of this as a corner of your favorite library without the late fees.

WOMEN’S MOVEMENT (relax guys, I just mean women that move!)

– – >Team SCA: The first professional all-female team to compete in the Volvo Ocean Race! I first read about them on You Signed Up for What? and then followed their blog as they sailed their way around the world.

And I’m afraid of open water swimming? Sheesh.

– – >Rhonda Rousey: UFC Women’s Fighting Champion of the friggin’ world. She also posed for Sports Iilustrated’s Swimsuit Issue and said she “gained weight” for it. A badass in very way. Be inspired.

– – >Who Run The World? Pffff WOMEN, in particular, these women who are also race directors of some very big races. I want to be them when I grow up.

This is how Rhonda Rousey looks when she gains weight.

This is how Rhonda Rousey looks when she gains weight.


– – > Bon Bon Break: Shameless plug for my honest (what else would it be?) post about the reality of being pregnant with, and then raising, twins. Laugh at me or with me, as long as you’re laughing.

– – > 7 Things I’d Never Let My Children Do: Until I had actual real-life, messy, crazy, 24 hours a day 365 days a year children. They are completely unlike the children I had in my head. The list, written by a dad, includes several things I’ve already caved on including play video games, eat McDonald’s and dress like “mismatched hobos.”


– – > Not Your Typical Run: Another shameless plug to my recent Zelle article on Aqua Jogging and the hard learned lessons in the pool, plus some tips on how to do it properly by Runner’s Connect. See? I’m not completely selfish.

– – >2015 Alcatraz Swim: My friend swam Alcatraz. I have some very cool friends. Please note: I will NOT be doing this when I’m in San Francisco.


This picture kind of makes me want to do this. The question is how many wetsuits would I need to layer to make the water temp tolerable?



– – > The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F**k by Mark Mason nicely outlines the craft of aggressively not caring, and reserving all your f–ks for when you need them most. I highly suggest taking the man’s advice.


As a bonus read, I found out that I actually placed first in my age group and third in the female masters category in the NJ Marathon! My hair dresser asked me how close I was to the first place female when I told her I came in second. Imagine my surprise (and hers!) when I looked it up and found I actually came in first! #BigTipForHer


My best guess on the mix up is because it was a corral/staggered start. I was about three minutes off the gun time and the woman I beat must have been in a corral higher then me. We were only 12 seconds apart finishing, so I can see how it may have originally seemed that she took first.

They’re sending me prizes.

Did I tell you how much I’m loving 40? Read all about it.

What do you mostly read? Books? Blogs? My blog?

What’s your favorite reading genre?