Before you lose your mind because you think I’ve lost mine, let me explain the title of this post. While contemplating just what the hell I was going to write about this week, since all my brain wants to think about it is the boys starting school and all that will bring (easy Type A, calm down!) I read all about what This Mama Runs for Cupcakes was doing, and found out about the Wonder Mom Wednesday link up!


Now, to be clear, it was asking for a post on reasons why you do exercise, however, how can I go though all those reasons without first taking a look at what my world would look like if I didn’t. Shall we?

1. Time. I would have an overabundance of time! If I look at a typical week of exercise, simply based on hours, this is how it breaks down:

running: 32 miles = 4.5 hours

biking: 50 miles = 2.5 hours

swimming = 1 hour

driving to the gym and back again (3x per week) = 1.5 hours

total = 9.5 hours!

Now imagine adding 9.5 hours to your week, and all you could accomplish with the extra 1.5 hours per day. I think I would use that time for sleeping. Yes, I realize that would be a polar opposite but that’s how I roll.

2. Money. Because I don’t want to get divorced anytime soon I will not be doing an itemized list of just how much money I spend on clothing, shoes, races and accessories for my little habit. Let’s just say that even with sponsorships and lots of “free” stuff, I could probably support a family in a third world country for the rest of their lives.  A family of 14.

3. Body. Yes, I have strong legs, a flat stomach, defined arms and a heart like the bull tattooed on my foot. However, after years of running and chafing, I have actual scars on my body that are not quite as athletic looking. My husband actually gasped when he saw what my heart rate monitor, and a lot of sweat, did to my chest this past spring while I was training for Spain. Let’s just say I won’t be modeling swimsuits any time soon. And yes, clearly that is the only reason.

4. Music. Running is hard. Running requires a strong mental game. Therefore, I don’t listen to “age appropriate” music when I’m doing it. Eminem, Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Pitbull and 2 Chainz have been known to push me though some of my toughest training runs and I love them for it. The more f-bombs, the more my legs respond, and who am I to question it? I’m sure this is not the type of music anyone at the PTO meetings will be able to relate to.

5. Therapy. I hope my husband is still reading this because this is where I’m saving you a ton of money my love. Running is absolutely my therapy and meditation. It’s where I work out all my problems, write most of my blog posts, and air my grievances, if I’m lucky enough to be running with a good friend. If I didn’t run, I would never get on a plane or do anything else that scares me, including having and raising the boys!

So there you have it. Sweat is my bestie and without it, I may have more free time and maybe a little extra money, but my playlist would be super boring and I would never have had so many of the opportunities I have because of it. Do I need any more reasons?

Why do you exercise?

If you didn’t (or don’t!) what else would you (do you) do? Please tell me how the other half lives!