I would be hard pressed to forget mine and my Year of the BULL since I’ve been training like a maniac for one of my biggest goals – the World Championship Duathlon in Spain.  I also post a weekly Rundown as a way to recap, remind and stay on track.  However, when Melissa at TheValentineRD reminded me that our first quarter check-in was due, I couldn’t even really remember what I wrote.


Luckily everything you put out here will be here forever,  so after a very quick search, I was able to see what my silly self wrote back in January about all that laid ahead.  I say “silly” because I sound absolutely petrified about my goals and, so far, I have achieved some and none of my fears have come to fruition.  Imagine that.

If you would be so kind as to take a trip with me down memory lane to a few months ago when I wrote these, and find out what has transpired since.  It seems the only constant from January to the present is the weather.  Frigid!


Run the NYC Half marathon like a boss!  CHECK

Fear: Not knowing anyone, getting injured and not having previously run the course

Outcome: I met some friendly faces, I fought off a cold in the days leading up to the race but was injury free, not knowing the course beforehand was refreshing and amazing and I nailed a time of 1:29.

Running through Times Square was ah-maze-ing!

Running through Times Square was ah-maze-ing!


Turning 39 and having a positive outlook!  CHECK

Fear:  My thirties have been so wonderful and the thought of only having one more year in this decade is sad and scary.  My mom was undergoing aggressive chemotherapy at the same age in her life and, at times, I let this fear get the best of me.

Outcome:  My 39th birthday was a three-day celebration of LIFE!  I have zero bad feelings about being 39 (other than being at the top of my age group in races!) and I had so much fun eating, drinking and spending time with my friends and family.  I can choose to use the memories, courage and strength of my mom while battling cancer, to help me live my life to the very fullest every.damn.day.



Learning to let go a little every year as my boys turn five.  HALF CHECK

Fear:  Miles and Vaughn are officially little boys and no longer babies or toddlers.  This makes me feel old and sad because I want to hang on to them needing me and cuddling with me as much as they once did.

Outcome:  My boys love me no matter what and they always will.  They need to achieve some things all on their own – to grow up and go to Kindergarten and explore and discover.  My job is to help them and be here when they wander back home.  I gave myself a “half check” because most days I want to smother them and keep them home with me…possibly put them in veal-like cages so they can’t grow up.  What? I may be watching too much Hannibal.

I should have known it was over the moment they learned to stand!

I should have known it was over the moment they learned to stand!


Learn Spanish so when I go to Spain I can interact with the natives.  FAIL

It would be so boring and obnoxious if I met all my goals already, right?  So – here ya go – I pretty much failed at my attempt to learn a new language in five months.  My excuse?  Time.  Yes, I know it’s a very poor one and if one of my personal training clients gave me that lame ass answer I would say “You need to make time if it’s truly important  to you” so guess what?  It’s not.  Luckily my dad speaks fluent Spanish, and he’s traveling with us, so I don’t have to worry too much about it.  However, I can forget about having a conversation with Pitbull.  Unless we’re speaking in dance!


Join Pinterest CHECK

This was not scary at all and I have 100 followers after three months.  I’m going to say that’s good considering I don’t spend that much time out there!  I enjoy pinning other people’s stuff so I can go back to it when I have time to read it, and I think that’s the whole point of Pinterest so…if you’re not one of the 100, please follow me HERE!



Take my blog/writing to the next level CHECK QUARTER CHECK

I actually managed to get a freelance writing job for fitbie.com!  You can check out all my articles under the tab “Fitbie Articles” on this blog. Genius, I know.  I’m also speaking (and attending) my very first blog conference – FitBloggin – at the end of June.

Maybe I should give this a “quarter check” since there’s so much more I want to do with my writing.  Now that I think about it, I’m not even close to reaching my goal on this one.  Damn you Melissa!  Why did you make me think so much about my goals?

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How are your goals coming along?  Don’t give me that “I didn’t have a resolution” because you know you had at least one thing in mind so SPILL!