That’s right, I’m taking a rest…of sorts. What started as “let’s take a two week vacation this summer” has turned into almost a month, at a lake house in New Hampshire.


Yes, four weeks of lakeside living for me and the boys while family (including my husband) and friends come and go for a day or two or a week or two. Needless to say, all of this had my head spinning with…


Will I manage the kids, my workouts, my writing, my life?


Will I do all that I need to do for the start of the school year or anything that involves reality?


Will I spend the majority of my time doing and how quickly can I fill it all up?

You know I’m a planner and a do-er. I need to know what my life is going to look like on any given day and when that balance is tipped, I tend to freak.

But, not this time.


My lake house “to do” list started like this:

– SUP (stand up paddle boarding) must be done!

– Cycling for miles around the lake

– Building up my running mileage because NYCM is “only” 15 weeks away

– Look into local races

After thinking a lot about what I wanted to accomplish this summer, in all aspects of my life, I started thinking about what is truly important.

This is the last summer before the boys start full-time first grade in the fall. They will be separated for hours at a time, for the first time in their little lives…not to mention all the separation from mama. *cue the tears, some of joy* and yes, I have a big race coming up but when don’t I? Almost never.

Who wouldn't want to spend more time with these monsters? (nephew in the middle)

Who wouldn’t want to spend more time with these monsters? (my adorable nephew in the middle)

This opportunity to spend four weeks of bliss beside a lake with some of the people I love most in the world should not be taken lightly.

My “to do” list now looks more like this:

– Sit the f**k down and relax you psycho (I’m so gentle with myself)

– Go fishing (what? I can fish!)

– Meet up with blogging friends (yes, we will run or hike or bike but that’s what we do for fun!)

– Eat different foods and lots of it, desserts and wine are a must (Sadly, I’m allergic to lobster but not Ben and Jerry’s)

– Watch On Golden Pond, What About Bob and any other movie about or filmed on Lake Winnipesaukee (also learn how to spell ‘winnipesaukee’ without having to Google it each and every time!)

FU to-do list!

FU to-do list!

– Explore with the boys

– Listen to the Loons

– Kayak

– Be ‘off schedule’ and be ok with it

– Be present

Now, of course I will be biking, running and swimming (in open water, any time I want to!) but it will not be my focus. And yes, I will be writing and blogging, but not on a regular basis.

In the Northeast we only get a few short months of hospitable weather and I intend to make the most of it.

Now, who can recommend a good local race and/or SUP rentals in the Lake Winnipesaukee area?

Are you taking a vacation?

Have you ever seen What About Bob or On Golden Pond?

What do you do to relax on vacation? Clearly I need some help – also, fishing tips are welcome!