I was hesitant to do this list.  Angela at Happy Fit Mama posted A Reverse Bucket List and put a call out for others to join.  Now, I love a good link-up and, even though this isn’t supposed to be a “bragging” list, I thought – how could it not be?  Then I started thinking about how much I could benefit from making it.

In case you’re all “What the hell is a reverse bucket list?”  I’ll tell you. It’s basically a list of things you’ve already accomplished.  As previously mentioned,  it’s not supposed to be a braggart list but, in my case, it helps me put some things in perspective and I need a boat load of perspective this year.

If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time then you know I’m Type A with a vengeance.  I’m always looking ahead, moving forward, wondering “what’s next” and hardly ever appreciating the now.  I have a very difficult time being present.  I squirm in yoga classes, if I ever attend them.  Being still is for sleeping and death.  Sounds like a party over here, right?  This is precisely why I decided a Reverse Bucket List could be one of the best things I could do for myself.

A rare moment of stillness.  However, you see those ripples in the water, right?

A rare moment of stillness. However, you see those ripples in the water, right?

I’m breaking mine up into People I Emulate, Places I’ve Been and Things I Survived.



On a traditional bucket list this might include people I want to meet but in this case it’s a list of people I’m proud to say I’m more like now then I was earlier in my life.  As in – “If only I were more like Drake. YOLO baby!”  That’s You Only Live Once.  If you need me to explain Drake, you and Google can figure that out – after you read this of course.

1.  I’m more like my dad in temperament.  The man is a saint.  I’m not.  However, just the other day when some crotchety old bag in the super market made a nasty comment about me “getting a better handle on my kids” I didn’t tell her to mind her own nasty business and then proceed to unleash the full fury that is my kids on her.  Nope.  I just gave her a nasty look that said “Go eff yourself” and continued on my way down the aisle.  That is personal growth people.

2.  I’m more like my Aunt in generosity.  As you recall, my aunt is always swooping in like a modern day Wonder Woman to help me with whatever I need.  Keeping her unselfishness in mind, whenever a friend calls desperate for a girls night out, I drop everything and rush to meet her at the nearest bar.  It’s tough leaving those little angels of mine but I’m working on being more generous with my friendship and something’s gotta give.

3.  I’m more like my husband in attitude.  There are many, many times though out my day and week when I just stop and think “What would Mike do?”  and then, confident in my decision, I stay at the gym for another hour.  Sure it’s mentally draining but those races aren’t going to run themselves!


Oh the places you will go…before you have kids!  This one is actually easy.  I used to travel all over for fun, for work, for more fun – it was a good life.  It all came to a screeching halt on April 13, 2009.  My “travel” now consists of Hershey Park and Disney World.  It’s magical.

1.  Vegas Baby!  My husband and I went on our first date in November of 2002. We celebrated New Years together in Las Vegas that same year…or the next year, or whatever, you know what I mean.  It was awesome.

2.  Key West – We were married in Key West and it was non-stop adventure for four days with family and friends followed by two weeks of honeymoon time!  I’ve never before or since gone on vacation for two weeks.  I’m going to go sob quietly about that for a minute…be right back.

3.  Mexico, California, Jamaica – these are all the places we went without a care in the world.  Every April or May we would jaunt off to some beautiful, warm location and relax.  Now every April we pick a Disney theme and are surrounded by toddlers, cake, candy and balloons.  Of course it’s awesome in it’s own right but there’s no saying about “What happens at a toddler birthday party stays at a toddler birthday party” for good reason.  Nothing happens.


1.  Carrying and delivering twins.  ‘Nuff said.

2.  Five marathons including Boston in 2007 during a ‘noreaster.  Good times.

3.  Building a home.  Anyone who has gone through this process knows how excruciating it can be.

4.  Owning a business and, years later, selling that business.  This deserves it’s own post…or many.

5.  Writing a blog!  You know that saying about “do something that scares you every day?”  This is it.


What’s on your reverse bucket list?