I’m always leery of articles that boast “Registered Dietitian Approved Breakfast Choices” since most of the time they include options loaded with too much sugar, saturated fat or absurdity. These recommendations were slightly different and, out of the eight touted as nutritionists favorite packaged breakfasts, I decided to try three. The results varied and now I have a lifetime supply of each in case anyone else wants to try.

PICK ONE: Nature’s Path Organic Breakfast Biscuits

The nutritionist review: “The biscuits are perfect before an early morning run because they are packed with whole grains for energy, but don’t feel too heavy on my stomach. If I want something more substantial, I’ll have them with a packet of peanut butter and a piece of fruit.”

The triathlete review: These are basically cookies. I so desperately want cookies to be healthy for me but, let’s face it, they just are not. I think these would be fine before a run but they are definitely not something that will keep you satiated unless, as the RD suggests, you eat them with peanut butter.

Side note: The serving size is four biscuits but only two come in the pre-packaged wrap. They are also super crumby so I do not suggest, as I did, eating them in the car.

Grade: C+ |Serving Size: 4 biscuits | Carbs: 36g  | Fat: 8g | Sugar: 11g | Protein: 4g |Calories: 230


PICK TWO: Dave’s Killer Bread Bagels

The nutritionist review: “These Dave’s Killer Bread bagels are a step up from your carb-loaded bagels because each one has at least 11 grams of protein and contains plenty of whole grains. That means they will keep you full all morning and give you energy for your run later in the day.”

The triathlete review: I absolutely love bagels and I could eat them every.single.day. However, before I discovered these I would rarely stuff the giant carby dough balls into my mouth unless I burned (or was intending to burn) off about 800 calories and therefore, justified the carb load.

Now I can toast up a Killer Dave, guilt-free bagel at almost any time and feel good about the protein and whole grains. I usually go with the EPIC Everything variety (see below for nutrition info) and they are fabulous alone, with egg and spinach or turkey and cheese…and spinach. Yes, I basically throw spinach on everything.

Grade: A |Serving Size: 1 bagel | Carbs: 47g  | Fat: 4.5g | Sugar:4g  | Protein:12g  |Calories: 260


PICK THREE: Garden Lites Muffins | Banana Chocolate Chip with Zucchini

The nutritionist review: The first ingredient is always a veggie in these surprisingly delicious muffins. Plus they’re gluten-free, dairy free, just 120 calories each and contain four grams of protein. In other words, you can eat more than one!”

The triathlete review: With 11 grams of sugar in each, I wouldn’t eat more than one…although you kinda feel like you need to since there is only a measly three grams of protein per tiny muffin (at least in the banana chocolate chop variety). I will say the taste is very good and, with some peanut butter you can boost the protein, plus there is 5 grams of fiber, which is a bonus. I mostly liked these because they are easily digestible and I could run, bike, swim or brick after eating one.

Added bonus: the muffins are individually wrapped and need to be refrigerated so, I pooped one into my snowboarding jacket as an on-mountain snack, and it was perfect!

Grade: B- |Serving Size: 1 (tiny) muffin | Carbs: 23g  | Fat: 3g | Sugar:11g  | Protein:3g  |Calories: 120

The bottom line when it comes to breakfast is personal preference and something that will fuel your activity. My go-to choices remain Picky Oats oatmeal, a fiber and protein rich cereal or some whole wheat fig bars with natural peanut butter.

Although recommendations are helpful, you need to make choices that are easy and work with your lifestyle. And, if it sounds too good to be true (I’m looking at you breakfast cookies!) it probably is but that doesn’t mean you can’t eat it…in moderation.

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Have you ever tried any of these? Thoughts?

What do you eat for breakfast? Does it change on the weekend?