I tried to ignore it. It’s a trend that has been going on for quite some time now. I first saw it with the Kardashians and I make a point to never, ever do what any of them are doing. Then I saw my gorgeous (and much younger cousins) in them, which I also ignored because I’m twice their age and far less cool. The final straw came this week when my beloved Anthropologie sent me a deceptive email touting new arrivals from Citizens of Humanity and I audibly gasped when I opened this:

What in the actual fuck?

These are mom jeans. These are high rise, light blue, ridiculous looking even on a gorgeous model, mom jeans!

Why is this a thing? It’s hideous. I just can’t.

Didn’t we spend like two decades getting away from this very look? Β *insert granny voice — >Β My generation fought hard to not look like our moms and to avoid their fashion at all costs. In fact, we went the exact opposite way with our denim waistlines and plunged them so far into the depths of our hot pockets we all needed Brazilian bikini waxes just to wear them in public. That is how jeans are worn in my tribe. < – – ok, everyone wears yoga pants but if we had social lives we would wear low-rise jeans!

SNL and The Holderness Family went to great lengths to prove this to the world. Please tell me their work was not in vain!

Ok, fine so that is “vintage” SNL from 2013 but, one of my mom heroes more recently (2016) made this video about the shorts version of this horror scene:

Unfortunately the social disease family of our time took the below picture and used it for their Christmas card this year, with almost everyone rocking mom jeans! But, almost is not everyone and please tell me you agree that the only one in this shot who looks amazing is the one on the far right…whatever her “K” name is…Kylie, Kendal, Krispy Kreme…you know who I’m talking about!

Stop the madness.

No one I actually know in real life wears these,Β however, almost all my friends are approaching or are already over 40.

Give it to me straight — am I just too old to grasp this high-rise mom jean concept or is it truly horrendous?

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Have you or would you ever wear these? Do you know women who do?