I absolutely love the Olympics! I don’t discriminate between summer or winter, I love it all. I especially love the background stories in the Olympic coverage, the unexpected winners, unexpected live feeds and all the humor. When you combine so much lycra with a median age of 20, comedy ensues.

Here are some of my favorites moments so far…


After seeing Alpine Ski Racer, Ted Ligety use USA KT Tape on his face to help ward off frostbite from the hurricane like winds blowing down, literally from Siberia, I decided it was probably good enough to help me get though hill repeats on a 20 degree day with 10 mph winds.

I feel like Ted did a better job of making sure he could breathe. Small oversight. The tape ended up on my quad and yes, it hurt when I ripped it off my face. #ImNotAnOlympian

If you’re wondering why I have “USA” KT Tape, it’s not because I missed the plane to South Korea but I was given some at a triathlon race. I regularly use it on my neck during the swim to prevent chafing.


Sounds like your typical teenager except this one has been doing rail slides on a snowboard since he was five. I absolutely love the authenticity of this kid and that he clearly does not give even one shit. Apparently, NBC does since I believe they have since removed every single video of him yelling “Holy fuck!” as one does when winning their first gold medal.

Obviously no one in this country has heard the f-word and if a minor were to hear the explicit way Red expressed himself they would then go on to rob a liquor store, gamble away the stolen money and end up in prison with a tattoo of the offending word that began the spiral into degradation in the first place.

Or not.

Can we please all just grow up and allow swearing on television? I mean, have you heard the president? There is nothing more vulgar than his Twitter feed and we’re allowing that nonsense to carry on. I believe we deserve a few f-bombs used in celebration.


If you have not yet seen or heard Leslie Jones’ Instagram feed commentating on the Olympics, you need to get on that ASAP! Not only is she hysterical, but she is right on.

And pretty much right after I saw this and was hysterically laughing…

Source: youremyfavoritetoday via Instagram

I saw this…

…with Leslie writing “We twins @johnnygweir we need to be doing something together when I get there.”


Hands down, my favorite events so far have been watching the men and women’s snowboard halfpipe competition. I have watched Shaun White compete at every Olympics and this one was the best by far! I’m pretty sure if I broke my face open on a halfpipe in New Zealand, I would be done, but not White. Maybe that’s why he’s the three time gold medalist? Perhaps.

And I mostly love Chloe Kim because we share a love of food in general and churros in particular.

Obviously this makes us twins.

I know what I’ll be doing until the closing ceremonies and I cannot wait to see what else these amazing athletes have to offer. I’ve been in a bit of a slump where energy and motivation is concerned in my own training, and there is no better cure than watching the Olympics!

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What is your favorite event to watch?

What is the funniest thing you have seen so far?