This week’s edition of Road Tested Reviews is more about the thoughts running though my head while training. For someone who spends up to 12 hours a week in her own mind, I have a lot to unpack on all my rides, runs and swims. This week, after being overwhelmed and bombarded by headlines, tweets and Facebook posts that make me feel helpless, I listened to one podcast by Rich Roll and decided to take back laziness, boredom and mental health. Maybe you can too.

I highly recommend the Rich Roll podcast in general and this one with Dan Harris in particular. Harris had a panic attack on CBS Morning News after years spent chasing his dream of being a reporter, spending too much time covering the war in Iraq and Afghanistan and ultimately self medicating with cocaine and ecstasy. Put all that together and you have an on-air panic attack.

Also, I cannot imagine this dude doing cocaine or ecstasy…

Harris has since come full circle since the on-air panic of 2004 and now, with the help of a strong meditation practice, wrote the book and developed the app 10% Happier. That’s really all anyone truly needs, right?

I listened one morning on a run, a run that took place after days of reading and listening about Russian infiltration of our social media, another deadly school shooting and all of the back and forth that accompanies asinine politics and people. < – – I’m including myself in this group

This is how I’m shutting down the noise and returning to what I can control, one day at a time.


In a world of busier is better, I’m guilty of creating a never-ending to-do list and have tricked myself into thinking that I feel better if I’m constantly on the go. I  feel like I only deserve or need a break after I’ve run 10 miles, biked 50 and swam at least 2,00 yards. That is insanity.

I’m now taking a “instead of this/do that” approach to life.

Instead of this: fold the laundry while watching Ellen

Do this: sit down and watch Ellen

Instead of this: one more stop to the grocery store to get a few things

Do this: skip it and spend that time reading instead, even if I have to do it in my car in the grocery store parking lot

Instead of this: anything I think I have to do

Do this: absolutely nothing, also included: napping

Being intentionally lazy is amazing. You should try it at least once a day. It also forces you to stop and just be, which can be sort of hard and, also brings me to my next point.


Since the explosion of cell phones and social media there is no such thing as boredom. Seriously. I dare you to recall the last time you were actually bored that didn’t have something to do with not having access to a device.

I’m taking back my boredom and not checking my phone when:

I’m in the car waiting for my husband or kids or both

Standing in the grocery line

During television commercials

Any time I don’t have a reason to check real things like email or Instagram. Ok fine, just email.


Does everyone know that person who whispers the word “gay” in conversation? I know several people who do and I always say “you can say ‘gay’ out loud, it’s ok. ” And then I proceed to give them an example in my loud, natural voice — “Adam Rippon is gay and hilarious…oh and I think he skates too!”

After I pat myself on the back for making a huge impact on social awareness, I turn and whisper to my husband that ‘I have therapy today’ in front of my kids. Why the double standard? I could say because I don’t want to scare them or think that something is wrong but it shouldn’t be cause for concern if someone is in therapy. In fact, I firmly believe everyone could benefit from seeing a therapist.

We need to change the conversation where mental health is concerned, especially if you believe it’s a serious problem in one of the biggest issues in the country today.

These Parkland Florida students are kicking ass and taking names (like Rubio and Trump!) and are giving hope to like-minded students, teachers and parents all across America. More importantly they are communicating, opening up the dialogue and listening as well as talking. Let’s help continue the conversation and take away the stigma of mental health issues in this country.

I’m pretty sure everyone in politics could benefit from hours of talk therapy. I know I do.

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When was the last time you were bored?

Do you feel like you have to earn your lazy time?

Ever spent time in therapy?