Welcome to another edition of Road Tested Reviews! Today I want to explore the insane world of fueling and gear for runners and throw in some reading since it’s the holiday season and I love to give back. And when I write “give back” I mean shove my opinion down your throats so, open wide!


Eating food to fuel and recover from my workouts is possibly the best thing about all the training I do. I’m Italian and was born to love food and eating so, when I find something that is healthy and delicious, I need to share it with the masses. Of course the same holds true for when I find something utterly disgusting. Just doing my job…

BEST OF THE WEEK: OSMO | Honey + Spice Acute Recovery for Women

I love so many things about this mix and I’m very hard to please when it comes to drinking my fuel. I mix a little cup (it comes in the container) of this in 12 oz of almond milk and oh my Lord, yum. It’s perfect when I have no time to sit and eat, which is always, and keeps me full for at least three hours which is key.

I also love there’s a formula just for women and another for men. If I’m not competing against you, get your own damn drink!

WORST OF THE WEEK: QUEST Bars | Vanilla Almond Crunch

I don’t like overly sweet bars and these are off the charts sweet. Holy hell! My teeth retreated into my mouth when I took my first bite.  I even tried to put them in the refrigerator because I really wanted to like them but, ugh…I just couldn’t do it.



I know a lot of people who race for bling but I kind of race for all the gear. I’m obsessed with every category of outfits and accessories for all three of my sports and that’s dangerous…it’s also an organizational nightmare. Here is some of the best and worst I have tested lately and, by “tested” I mean I beat the crap out of it in the best way possible.

BEST OF THE WEEK: Shoe Hoodies | A tiny jacket for your toes

Every blogger knows pitches come fast and furious into our inbox so you have to be on your game to get noticed. Enter Shoe Hoodies. I received an email from the president after he read an article I wrote in Women’s Running about my best winter gear recommendations. In it, I mentioned using duct tape to cover the mesh on the front part of your running shoes to keep blood circulating in your toes during the harsh New England winters. He read it and emailed me his genius solution — shoe hoodies!

He sent me a pair within a week with a hand written note about the best way to test them (one on and one off so you can notice the difference) and his cell number to call with questions. Even if I hated the damn things I would write about them because Steve Knutson knows his audience!

I literally received them the day before the first snow fall of the season and tested them out right away. They worked like a charm!

The only downside is attaching them to your running shoes. You need to put a velcro strip (provided) on the side of each shoe, wait 24 hours (I didn’t) and then use for “maximum hold.” Mine stayed in place just fine but you should probably follow their directions.

WORST OF THE WEEK: Apple Powerbeats3 wireless headphones

Apple, I hope you’re reading this you stalker, because I have had it up to my ear buds with your dysfunctional headphones! The major issue is I like the fit of yours best but they keep breaking! Grrrrrr It’s my own fault but really, should you blame the victim? Get your shit together beats, you work for Apple now!

I don’t own this book but I would like to give it as a Christmas gift to quite a few businesses.


Lest you think I only write my own opinions, I love reading the opinions of others…or I hate it, but I still read it. Feast your eyes on these babies…

BEST OF THE WEEK: Awesomely Luvvie | I Know Why Taylor Swift is on TIME’s Person of the Year Cover but WHY Is She on the Cover?

We are a house divided. I absolutely love and adore Taylor Swift and if sweet baby Jesus grants me tickets to her show (meaning my cousin), I will fall to my knees with thanks and gratitude. My husband absolutely hates TS for reasons that are unclear to me because I refuse to listen to his lunatic rants. However, this article brought us together because I agree she should not be on the cover when there are so many more victims who have suffered and have been silenced, ignored or worse. Obviously it’s not a contest but…well, read the article and judge for yourself. #LookWhatYouMadeMeDo

WORST OF THE WEEK: Roxane Gay Lists 13 Rules for Female Friendships

No. Just no.

This is an old article (May 2014) but it came to my attention recently while researching another article I’m writing. These “rules” are basically why female friendships are so difficult! The rules are there are no rules and yes, I stole that from Grease which is weird but also accurate.

If there were less “rules” there would be more friendships.

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Here’s to a weekend filled with breaking rules, warm toes and feel good fuel! I’ll be living it up in NYC, taking in all the holiday spirit my stomach can handle. Be sure to follow my adventures on Instagram.

Feliz Navidad. Despacito. Peace.

Have you tried any of these?

Thoughts on TS being on the TIME cover? Love or hate her?